Kim Kardashian – Fan Claims They Gave Reality Star New Name For Her Shapewear Line, SKIMS

Kim Kardashian

Fan Reveals They Gave Kim Kardashian The New Name For Her Shapewear Line, SKIMS

Kim Kardashian just revealed SKIMS as the new name for her shapewear line, and she’s already facing criticism for not giving a fan who came up with it the credit. She renamed the brand after she fought off backlash for the original name, Kimono, which many said was an appropriation of Japanese culture.

But one fan said they’re the one who came up with the name, SKIMS.

They reposted a tweet from July 8 where they told Kardashian, 

“u should rename your brand SKIM: skin (cause the shapewear are made to fit your skin) + ur name Kim”

The idea was a response to Kardashian asking fans if they had any suggestions.

It looks like Kardashian went with the idea. She hasn’t responded yet, but many fans certainly have.

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Authored by: Char Patterson