Irv Gotti Inks Deal For Brand New Series

Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti Inks Deal For A Brand New Series

Irv Gotti is getting familiar with the small screen. While he’s still celebrating the success of his BET series “Tales,” which is currently in its sophomore season, Gotti announced that he landed yet another deal for a new show.

Gotti wrote,

“When I say GOD is Blessing me. Please believe me. Just signed a NEW Deal. For a NEW SERIES. And I’m telling y’all. More deals is on the way. My @visionaryideas company is moving out here. Where we are Producing Everything we doing. And everyone is respecting the fact that me and my Company can make these movies and TV Shows. They are understanding that my Hip Hop Culture is f***ing with me. And they gonna come out and watch. I am beyond blessed. And I THANK GOD EVERYDAY”

He added that he also helps provide opportunities for others.

“And I also understand. That I do put so many people on. And I do give so many new talent opportunities. To help there lives be better. With me Blessing them. So I understand my purpose and why GOD is blessing me. I am HIS soldier. And I am to bless others. I get it.”

He went on to say that he’s just getting started.

“More work to do people. More BLESSINGS. Networks get mad when I announce things before they do it. So I’m not gonna say exactly what it is. And with what network. Will let them do that. Hahaha. But we moving y’all. VISIONARY IDEAS. #godssoldier

This also comes after he announced a deal with Paramount earlier this week.

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Authored by: Char Patterson