Alexis Skyy & Friend Hold Protest After Being Robbed At Gunpoint At Atlanta Gas Station [VIDEO]

Alexis Skyy, Sabrina Peterson

Alexis Skyy & Friend Hold Protest After Being Robbed At Gunpoint At Atlanta Gas Station [VIDEO]

Alexis Skyy and her friend Sabrina Peterson have used their platforms to protest crimes at an Atlanta gas station, after being held at gunpoint there.

Skyy of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop and Peterson, founder of The Glam University, spoke out after Peterson’s 2019 black Maserati truck was stolen at a QuickTrip gas station in Atlanta. The suspect also stole the clothes and other items inside.

Based on a police report, Peterson got out of her car, left it running and went to talk to Skyy. They were on the ground putting air in their tires when an African-American man with dreads allegedly got out of a silver Corvette and hopped in Peterson’s SUV. The women added they spotted a handgun in the man’s car.

Peterson and Skyy said they tried to chase the car but the man was able to drive off. They spoke with local news station 11 Alive and said they were both happy their children weren’t in the car.

Skyy said,

“Be blessed. I’m not even angry. It’s more so about our kids. All I’m thinking about our kids being in the car. Take my life, but my kid. No. Even if it was her kid, I would have felt like it was my fault. She could have went home peacefully and had her car.”

Peterson added,

“Take the car. Sell it. Do whatever you need to do. Just promise me that you won’t hurt anyone else,” Peterson said. “Use my car as a blessing and the contents in it.”

Peterson has also called out the Atlanta Police Department and the gas station, QuikTrip, after other women told her they were also victims of crime in the same area. Thirty car thefts have happened at the same gas station this year alone.

Both ladies protested at QT where the alleged incident happened and chanted with the crowd,

“No justice, no gas!”

The gas station, QuikTrip, released a statement and said it was cooperating with police.

“QT places the safety of our employees and customers at the apex of what we do. All QT locations are monitored 24 hours a day by us at a central location, meaning our surveillance technology allows us to see both inside the store and our lot. We have added additional security and continue to work with law enforcement to address any issues at that location.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson