Wendy Williams’ Longtime Wig Stylist Quits the Show

Wendy Williams’ Longtime Wig Stylist Quits the Show

Wendy Williams‘ wigs are going through a transition phase just as she is. Reportedly, Wendy’s longtime wig stylist, Robyn Michele, recently quit the show after the tenth season – hinting at taking new steps in her cosmetology career. She confirmed that she was not fired from Wendy’s team:

“Yes, it was my choice.”

Robyn Michele also shared that the exit isn’t due to a rocky relationship with the talk show diva, as rumored with other team members’ exits. She said:

“No I am not leaving for any reasons involving the show, or have any understanding of who else may have left and or why. I am looking to do other things within my career and have simply made a positive choice to exit in order to do so…As many people exit jobs everyday I have simply done the same.”

Robyn continued:

“No we do not have bad blood. We spoke and ended our conversation with an exchange of ‘I love you,’ and from there she let me know that she is here if I need anything and of course I replied with the same. I’ll continue to provide whatever support is needed.

Wendy Williams has since hired stylist Dominic Santiago to keep her wigs laid. He announced his new client with a colorful Instagram post.

Robyn Michele expressed her gratitude for having worked with the Wendy Williams Show:

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity provided to me and all that came with it. I love and respect Wendy and am excited for what all she will do moving forward.”

Will Wendy Williams’ wigs stay fabulous in her show’s 11th season?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay