Fans Start Petition To Fire Evelyn Lozada From “Basketball Wives” For Calling Her Asian Co-Star ‘Lee Lee’

Evelyn Lozada, CeCe Gutierrez

Fans Start Petition To Fire Evelyn Lozada From “Basketball Wives” For Calling Her Asian Co-Star ‘Lee Lee’

Some might have forgotten the back and forth between Evelyn Lozada and CeCe Gutierrez on earlier episodes of VH1’s Basketball Wives. But some viewers now want Lozada to lose her spot on the show for what she said during their dispute.

The incident happened last season as Lozada asked Gutierrez about a nickname Gutierrez called her, “Tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber,” referring to Lozada and cast member Jennifer Williams. 

Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams

After Gutierrez called Lozada “Evil-yn,” Lozada then told Gutierrez, 

“I have a problem with you Lee Lee.”

When Gutierrez asked who Lee Lee was, co-star Malaysia Pargo told her it was a girl at a nail shop, indicating that Lozada called her the name because Gutierrez is Asian.

Some fans have launched a petition on and called for Executive Producer and Lozada’s friend, Shaunie O’Neal, to remove Lozada from the show.

“This Racial Comment “SLUR” is unacceptable, especially from a show with a majority female and minority cast. Regardless of being black, white, skinny, fat, diabetic, gay, lesbian, transgender, ASIAN… It’s unacceptable to make fun of someone because of these things, and Ms.Lozada has done this on multiple occasions throughout the shows run time. The viewers of VH1’s Basketball Wives demand Ms.Lozada be terminated from employment indefinitely… by the Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal or The Other VH1 Underlying Personnel.”

“Her Role on Vh1 is an actual employment. And when you are vicious, negligent, and nonchalant in regards to your statements and actions towards the people in your workplace, and ultimately the viewers, you will lose the right to have a platform! And that’s the example that must be continued to be enforced with Roseanne, Evelyn, and anyone else that wants to misuse their public figure position that the fans and “stans” gave them.”

As of now, it has nearly 10,000 signatures. See the full petition here.

This also comes after Lozada was accused of comparing her other co-star, O.G. to an ape in her Instagram stories. She posted the message after an argument between the two aired earlier this week.

O.G. also responded on Twitter.

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