Porsha Williams Prays Over Crowd During Protest [VIDEO]

Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams Prays Over Crowd at Black Lives Matter Protest

Reality star Porsha Williams has been active in being vocal about the social climate in the U.S. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been seen at multiple rallies and protests across Atlanta on the front lines, fighting for justice for black lives. Earlier this month, she recounted being tear gassed.

Over the weekend, Porsha spoke during a protest, sharing a prayer for attendees.

In the seven minute video, she says:

I ain’t gon’ lie to you, I’m tired. My spirit is tired. My mind is tired. My body is tired… but we not gon’ stop. This ain’t ending no time soon.

Porsha continued on to thank all the people in attendance for coming out and supporting with an emphasis on people from all walks of life.

… Every walk of life. Thank you for standing up for Black Lives Matter. Thank you for being there for African American women.Thank you. But I would be remiss to be amongst a crowd and have this opportunity and not pray for us.

Porsha declares that this moment calls for prayer and begins to lead the crowd in a moving prayer, asking them to participate in either lifting their voices to speak or to just bow tier heads and receive her words:

Father God, we come to you at this moment Jesus. We come to you in this moment torn, battered, beaten and oppressed. But we are powerful in spite of, Lord. And we know it’s simply because this is a powerful movement Jesus. Just as it was purposeful for our ancestors before us Lord. We know that this moment was meant to be.

Porsha emphasises what this moment in time means for her during her prayer. She said:

This moment is meant for everybody with that talent and that gift that was given by god is now to activate in the name of Jesus Lord. Whatever that may be. Whether you’re a social person on social media. Whether you’re a great speaker, whether you’re a people person, whether you’re  in church … whatever your gift is.  Whether it be music Lord Jesus help us, give us the strength to uplift the gift we need to use in this very moment.

Her prayer continues as Porsha makes points about the system and how it was put in place to oppress and separate us:

This system was put together to break us down. The system was put there to segregate us but as you can look around right now, it has not segregated us not one bit. We are all here together, Lord Jesus. With one mind, one focus and one goal. And that’s justice, and to uplift the voices and to let them know that Black Lives Matter.

As her powerful prayer draws to a close, Porsha takes time to thank god for this moment.

Thank you Jesus for bringing us together right now. Please put in everybody’s spirit to continue the movement. Not while we are here right now, but later when it gets quiet Jesus. Lord Jesus, we are here to let you know we want to be checked on. We wanna hold your hand as we move forward in this movement in this mission. And we know that you put us here to conquer the world. We are taking back this world. All around the world, we are reclaiming our time. Thank you for that Jesus.

She closes out her prayer with a special ode to Black Women and thanking God for the powers he blessed us with to “birth the nation” and to help us accept apologies and not cast out anyone who wants to help , as we need

“all hands on deck”.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta