K. Michelle: I Don’t Think Men Are Good People


K. Michelle: I Don’t Think Men Are Good People

Singer/reality TV star K. Michelle often credits her experiences for making her who she is today. We witnessed her rise above a nearly career-shattering relationship with who she alleges to be Mickey “Memphitz” Wright – ex-husband of TV personality, Toya Wright. She, later, spawned into a chart-topping singer and controversy-loving reality star on “Love and Hip-Hop” and her own show, “My Life.”

But she admittedly still struggles with her perception of men due to her relationships and professional interactions with them over the years. She recently told V-103’s “Morning Culture” radio show that this is the reason why she wants twin girls next instead of another son:

“I don’t wanna raise another one! I’m struggling! He took off with a white girl and as pro-Black as we are! I get a phone call from my momma like, ‘Chase said he could go on this date with some white girl.’ I said, ‘Ok, ok. We got unity. It’s all good. But I didn’t tell him he could go anywhere! But he ran out the house, went there, went on his date- you know, I’m just trying to tell him, ‘Wrap it up.’ You know, ‘You a Black person. A Black male. You my son – but out there, you a Black male. They don’t care nothin’ about you!’ It’s hard to raise a man! It really is hard because I see a lot of women fail their sons – ’cause I dated them! So I don’t want nobody to look at me and say, ‘Who raised that boy?’

K. Michelle blames men as not only the source of her trauma, but for trauma for women as a whole

“I don’t think men are good people. The reason for that is like, for men to do things that they consider small – in the flesh of, like, cheating – you know that that’s gonna destroy your partner. But you do it anyway. That’s not a mistake. We’ve watched the same story over and over again.”

She continued:

“And just because I’m a woman, I’m supposed to accept your betrayal. Because you’re taking advantage of my love for you, and I’m supposed to just be the one behind you ridin’ or dyin’? I’m not dying with nobody! And to see girls come up to me- I’m the girl they come up to all day long crying. They tell me the most disgusting of stories that I couldn’t even believe. And a lot of times men- the wrong man – will stunt your growth as a woman. Women can be doctors, lawyers, anything- but they in the bed crying over what a man did to them!”

K. also finally reveals why she chose to have her nearly fatal plastic surgery procedures:

“I think it was the industry. I was entering that business, like I had got my first record deal. And I said, ‘I’m not gon’ sign this record deal,’ ’cause I was so insecure I didn’t have any boobs. So I was like, ‘I’m not gonna sign this record deal until you guys give me boobs and teeth.’ That’s what it started with. I gotta be prepared to stand up there next to my favorites…it wasn’t them [the record label]. The paid for it, but they didn’t pressure me to do anything! I’ve never had a body with a record label…it was the day of the butt, you know what I’m sayin’? I saw it and I wanted it. So I was like, ‘Ok, I need this, because this is how these successful girls have this. So this is my shot. So I wanna be successful, and I wanna feel beautiful, and I wanna be ready to be the perfect artist.”

Watch the rest of K. Michelle’s V-103 interview below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay