T.I. Reacts To Decline In Gucci Sales: They Ain’t S**t Without Us & Our Culture


T.I. Reacts To Decline In Gucci Sales: They Ain’t S**t Without Us & Our Culture’

It looks like T.I. feels validated after Gucci’s success on social media and sales took a dip after its controversial sweater that resembled blackface was released in February 2019.

T.I. responded to a report that Gucci is no longer number one when it comes to social media engagement for high-end brands. It experienced its first quarterly drop in North American sales this past July; the first time since 2016.

The rapper and activist wrote on Instagram Friday (Sept. 20),

@wsj published this article about @gucci & the decline their stock experienced in America due to their inability to properly rectify their disrespect to our people & our heritage wit that racist ass sweater. As I read it I further realized 2 things…. 1.That no matter how big, fancy or illustrious these brands and corporations may be… THEY AINT S*** WITHOUT US & OUR CULTURE??” 

T.I., who was a ringleader of a boycott for the brand, added how important it is for the Black community to stick together.

“Also I thought to myself & now I’ll share my thought with you guys just imagine what we could do IF we REALLY stuck together ?? We could bring any corporation (or candidate) to it’s knees and MAKE THEM RESPECT US…WE CAN FORCE THEM TO VALUE OUR LIVES, CULTURE, & OUR HERITAGE IF WE JUST STAYED SOLID…IF WE WERE TO UNITE & STAND UP TOGETHER AGAINST ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT OPPOSES US WE’D TRULY BE UNSTOPPABLE ?? In closing I’ll remind you all of your POWER…& ask you to remember… that it ain’t what’s on ya, it’s what’s in ya that truly matters when ya get through…,That’s all I wanted to say…thx for reading.”

T.I. has been open about no longer wearing Gucci ever since the blackface controversy earlier this year.

He was also seen reprimanding a man for wearing the luxury line.

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Authored by: Char Patterson