Nicki Minaj Promotes “Fendi” Single With PnB Rock & Murda Beatz [New Music]

Nicki Minaj Promotes “Fendi” Single With PnB Rock & Murda Beatz [New Music]

Just under a month after announcing her abrupt retirement from music, rapper Nicki Minaj (real name Onika Maraj), 36, took to Instagram on Wednesday (Sept. 25th) to reveal a new collaboration with Murda Beatz and PnB Rock, titled “Fendi.” In her announcement, the cover art shows all three artists drawn as haute couture sketches, wearing head-to-toe Fendi which matches the track titled. Nicki says in the snippet,

“I swear, this is really my favorite song,”

The upbeat track was release midnight on Thursday (Sept. 26). The luxury fashion brand shared the same teaser on Wednesday, adding this will be the first time a fashion collection has its own theme song.

“Have you ever heard of a Collection with its own theme song? Well, Fendi did it.”

Listen to the track below.

Earlier this month, Nicki shared how her Fendi-clothed “Chun-Li” cover photo landed her the capsule collection with the luxury brand. She says,

“I ended up saying, ‘Fendi prints on,’ just freestyling. I didn’t write that lyric down; I was just having fun…I can’t believe that when I was doing that little picture that day, with the Fendi jacket and Fendi panties on – I didn’t think that the actual company would think that that was dope. To know that they liked it that much, and now it’s on a T-shirt, is so iconic to me.”

As previously reported, Nicki shocked the hip-Hop community earlier this month as she took to social media revealing that she would step away from music to focus on starting a family. She wrote,

“I’ve decided to retire & have my family. I know you guys are happy now. To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, in the box- cuz ain’t nobody checkin me.  Love you for LIFE.”

The future Mrs. Petty later apologized for her abrupt announcement during a conversation with a fan.

“I’m still right here. Still madly in love with you guys and you know that. In hindsight, this should’ve been a Queen Radio discussion & it will be. I promise u guys will be happy. No guest, just is talking about everything. That tweet was abrupt & insensitive, I apologize babe.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette