Texts Between Mac Miller & Alleged Drug Dealer Revealed, As 3rd Person Arrested In Connection To Rapper’s Death

Mac Miller

Texts Between Mac Miller & Alleged Drug Dealer Revealed, As 3rd Person Arrested In Connection To Rapper’s Death

Another man has been arrested in relation to rapper Mac Miller’s death, bringing the total number three.

Stephen “Stevie” Walter was taken into custody in L.A. Monday (Sept. 23). He has been charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. He previously served 10 years for a federal drug trafficking sentence and was out on a supervised release.

Court documents allege Cameron James Pettit, the first man who was arrested in connection to Mac’s death earlier this month, reached out to Walter on Sept. 4, 2018, requesting Percocet pills for Mac.

Cameron James Pettit

In a text exchange between Mac, whose real name is Malcolm James McCormick, and Pettit, Mac asked Pettit if he had any lean or Percs, referring to Percocet.  Pettit told Mac he could get him blue Percocets within the next hour or two. That’s when Pettit allegedly reached out to Walter, who is accused of sending a runner to give the pills to Pettit. See the text exchange here.

Pettit then allegedly gave Mac the pills around 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 5, before he was found unresponsive on Sept. 7.

The said runner, was allegedly Ryan Reavis, who was the second person arrested as he was taken into custody earlier this week.

The latest arrest comes after police discovered a magazine covered with blue powder in his bedroom. There were also indents close to a rolled piece of paper and gift card. Authorities allege Mac crushed or snorted multiple pills considering only six of the 10 pills were found.

Mac Miller

Pettit, who was also charged with distribution of a controlled substance, was said to be worried about getting arrested after Mac passed and text a friend,

“I’m pretty sad and also a little worried.”

He sent an article of Demi Lovato’s suspected drug dealer being taken into custody and wrote,

“This is what I’m afraid of … I feel really guilty … If I have to go to jail I hope to spend some time with you first.”

Still, he was caught allegedly asking Walter for more blue Percocets after Mac’s death.

We’re praying for Mac Miller’s family, loved ones and fans!

Authored by: Char Patterson