[WATCH] Da Baby’s Security Knocks Female Concert Goer Unconscious 

Da Baby

[WATCH] Da Baby’s Security Knocks Female Concert Goer Unconscious

A girl who attended Da Baby’s recent concert appears to have been knocked unconscious by his security guard after an altercation occurred.

In a video that surfaced over the weekend, a shirtless Da Baby is seen attempting to make his way through the crowd. But while his security guard, Kane, tried to diffuse the hyped audience, one fan allegedly got too close and caught Kane’s attention.

Da Baby and his security guard Kane

It’s not clear whose hand reached over to Da Baby in the clip, but Kane allegedly hit the female concertgoer, knocking her unconscious.

Many used their phones to record it while others rushed to her side to see if she was okay. She suggested that she wasn’t the intended target and put a yellow towel over her face as she cried,

“Why did he punch me like that bro? I didn’t even do nothing bro.”

Some social media users shared their disapproval of the situation. See their reactions below.

This comes about a week after Da Baby was allegedly seen punching an audience member in Lansing, Mich. for trying to take his chain.

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Authored by: Char Patterson