Kanye Criticizes Kim Kardashian For Dressing Too Sexy ‘I Didn’t Realize That Was Affecting My Soul & Spirit’

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Criticizes Kim Kardashian West For Dressing Too Sexy ‘I Didn’t Realize That Was Affecting My Soul And Spirit’

Kim Kardashian West received mixed reactions from her 2019 Met Gala dress. The body-hugging Thierry Mugler piece sparked controversy as a corset helped Kim Kardashian West rock a super-tight waist.


But her husband Kanye West wasn’t for it. Kanye West said the night before the big event,

“The corset, underwear, all of that vibe, I just feel like I just went through this transition where, from being a rapper, like, looking at all these girls, and looking at my wife, like, oh, my girl needs to be just like the other girls, showing her body off, showing this, showing that.”

He added that he’s since changed as a husband and father.

“I didn’t realize that that was affecting, like, my soul and my spirit as someone that’s married and loved, and the father of, like, now what about to be four kids. A corset is like a form of underwear. It’s hot. It’s like, it’s hot for who, though?”

Kardashian West responded with:

 “You knew last night I was having really bad anxiety, and I don’t need any more negative energy for you to now say that you’re not into me wearing a tight dress.”

West said,

You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy.”

Kardashian West then told her husband that he’s the one who inspired her to channel her sexy to begin with.

“You built me up to be, like, this sexy person and confident and all this stuff. And just because you’re on a journey, and you’re on your transformation doesn’t mean that I’m in the same spot with you.”

West then got up and walked away.

See moments from Kardashian West getting ready for the Met Gala below.

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