Taylor Swift’s BFF Todrick Hall Called “Whitewashed” & “Unprofessional” In Scathing Message By Dancer, Claims He Wasn’t Paid By Todrick

Taylor Swift’s BFF Todrick Hall Called “Whitewashed” & “Unprofessional” In Scathing Message By Dancer, Claims He Wasn’t Paid By Todrick

YouTube sensation Todrick Hall is under fire with one of his former collaborators. Dancer Thom White went on a lengthy Twitter rant, exposing what it was allegedly like to work with Taylor Swift‘s bestie, Todrick, on the “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” music video.

Thom White shared this with his followers:

“A bunch of folks have asked about my experience working with Todrick… & I know it’s no surprise but just gonna tell u all now… yes… Your reservations about the fella are valid. Which is sad bc, he is talented indeed, but that talent is squandered by coonery. Baby is whitewashed to hell. And miserably unprofessional. **also does not pay!**…The 1st one (Nails, Hair Hips Heels) was unpaid because he needed over 60+ dancers & says he didn’t have the budget to pay us (then don’t use dancers, tf!)”

He later accused Todrick of catering to his White audience, and being racially inappropriate on set:

“The coon jumped OUT on set.. A lot of Black gays were standing behind him in a shot & he turned to us to say ‘this is looking a little too chocolate… Can I get some lighter people behind me”.. Chile me & 1 of his tour dancers locked eyes & made the same face…over it…1st of all when we got on set for this vid.. Me & the other dancer were the only Black folk.. Red flag. Then Todrick mentioned it being weird that it’s the 1st time he’s had only Black ppl in his video. I just kept my mouth shut. (He doesn’t seem to take criticism well.)”

Thom White insists he shared his experience to prevent dancers from being taken advantage of:

“Lemme just add, my intentions here aren’t to be messy, even though I knew mess would ensue.. I have no reason to fabricate this s**t.. I *DO* however feel responsible, with the little platform I have, to inform ppl of my experience so they know exactly who/what to be wary of… All of this is alleged. My word. My experience. Take and do with it what you will. I appreciate the immense support protect yourself, young artists!”

Meanwhile, Todrick responded to the allegations with this vague message:

“My comment; I adore Thom, like LOVE him. This is surprising to me, he hasn’t been paid yet, he will be…not because he’s trying to ‘expose’ me but because he deserves it. I only got two texts, no calls, I was over seas opening my tour & that video has only been out for 2 weeks.”

Yikes! Whose side do you believe – Todrick Hall’s or Thom White’s? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay