Future’s New Baby Mama Joie Chavis – I Don’t Know Why Anyone Would Want to Destroy My Character


Joie Chavis Denies Involvement Of Alleged DMs: I Don’t Know Why Anyone Would Want to Destroy My Character 

Joie Chavis is fed up! News broke that Chavis was sending information to a blogger about inside information on her and Future’s relationship, the status of him and his baby mama’s, and how her pregnancy with him was planned via direct message (DM) on Instagram. The DM’s also detail how Chavis kept phone calls and pictures secluded, and once leaked, was going to declare her iCloud was hacked. Since this new information has surfaced, Chavis has responded and denied any involvement.

She shared a speech to Instagram, adding she didn’t understand why anyone would want to “demean her character.” She began,

I was gonna just let this pass but, enough is enough! It’s so sad that someone so sick and pathetic made those fake DM’s and sent them in to try to destroy and demean my character. When I initially responded to that fake ass post they deleted my comments immediately. That post is nasty and anyone who knows me very well knows I would never do no goofy shit like that. I don’t even speak that way nor am I that type of girl!

She goes on to expose how she’s been being cyber-bullied by “one person from 6 different accounts” for over a year. The reason why Chavis is responding, according to her, is because she felt it was disrespectful to bring kids into the drama, she felt her name was being slandered, and she feels like someone is obsessed with her.

Check out the rest of the message below.

As previously reported Joie popped the news via Instagram that she was expecting, and hinted Future could be the father to her new baby. Chavis has a daughter with rapper and executive producer, Bow Wow. This will be her second child. Future has four children, this will be his fifth.

By: CaDarius Booker 


Authored by: Kellie Williams