Oakland Raiders’ Trent Brown Facing Domestic Violence Lawsuit Filed By His Girlfriend, Allegedly Threatened To Kill Her

Trent Brown

Oakland Raiders’ Trent Brown Facing Domestic Violence Lawsuit Filed By His Girlfriend, Allegedly Threatened To Kill Her

Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Trent Brown is being accused of physically assaulting his long-time girlfriend.

Diorra Marzette-Sanders filed a lawsuit against him in Alameda County Superior Court in California. The woman alleged that he slapped, punched and choked her several times since 2018. She said his alleged attacks have left her

“bruised, bloodied and battered.”

The court documents allege that in 2019 Brown, who is 6’8″ and 350 pounds,

“grabbed Plaintiff’s arm, took her into a room, locked the door, slapped her across the face and punched her in the ribs”

The lawsuit also said she filed a police report after one alleged occurrence in June 2019 where he allegedly left a bruise on her arm and slapped her. The court documents also alleged he

“grabbed her face and covered her mouth while choking her out until she couldn’t breathe [leaving] a ring of bruises around her neck.”

He also allegedly threatened her life when she said she would leave with their son. He allegedly told her

“I’ll shoot yo ass in the f—ing head before you walk out that door with my son.”

Marzette-Sanders added that he threatened her financial status and would tell her,

“Follow instructions or you won’t be homeless.”

She also noted that he allegedly led her on about their future together and often told her he had plans to get married and start a family. But she said now he booted her from their home and cut her off.

Marzette-Sanders said he’s been verbally abusive and called her a “b****” and “worthless.”

Her lawyer Waukeen McCoy, released a statement on her behalf:

“Accountability is important for all individuals, regardless of their profession. I am proud that my client is taking a stand and setting an example for all women who are in a similar situation.”

While Brown has kept his love life under wraps, the lawsuit says they started dating in 2019. They also welcomed son Jacoby in January 2019. Court documents said they were under a

“non-marital partnership agreement.”

Under that contract, they agreed to spend the rest of their lives together.

She wants her case to be heard before a jury and is asking for an unspecified award including punitive damages.

Brown recently inked a $66 million, four-year contract with the Raiders. He has started in each of the team’s games this season so far.

The Raiders have yet to comment as of Wednesday (Oct. 16).

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Authored by: Char Patterson