CeCe Peniston Accuses Lizzo Of Copying A Portion Of Her 1992 Song ‘Finally’

CeCe Peniston Accuses Lizzo Of Copying A Portion Of Her 1992 Song ‘Finally’ For ‘Juice’

It’s no secret 2019 is the year of Lizzo. But the recording artist is being accused of plagiarism for the second time this week.

Cece Peniston, who sings the iconic “Finally” song that came out in 1992, has accused Lizzo of stealing the infamous “Yah Yah Ee” part of the song for her single “Juice.” The single was featured in Lizzo’s  Cuz I Love You album and an Absolut commercial.

Peniston called out Lizzo on social media Thursday (Oct. 17).

She wrote,

“For everybody who thought I was exaggerating on my claims of #copyrightinfringement please go check out the article I’m the the #3rd person who has said something @lizzobeeating #cecepeniston #lizzo #music #yaayumsong #finally #mysong just for the record and so you understand … anytime anybody uses a song over 7 seconds thats using a “portion” of their copyright , Lizzo not only takes over that , she’s used several times adding up to about 40 seconds , its my lyric it’s written down as well , it’s the signature to the opening in my song #finally and all commercials are using it from the “Adlib “ section because they know it’s catchy sooo “#notjustanadlib it’s a check !!!! @umpg @atlanticrecords

She also posted a mash-up.


This is just days after songwriting brothers Justin and Jeremiah Raisen, said Lizzo failed to credit them for the iconic opening line in her #1 single ‘Truth Hurts.”


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