Keke Palmer Vents About Music Not Being Released: I Feel So Sad For A Couple Of Reasons

Keke Palmer Vents About Music Not Being Released: I Feel So Sad For A Couple Of Reasons

It’s rare that we see Keke Palmer without a smile on her face.

The triple threat has smashed every part of her career, but she revealed Friday (Oct. 25), that she’s not happy with her music career. She wrote on Instagram,

“I feel so sad for a couple of reasons. The first being that when I tell my fans something, the people that have always supported me, I want to come through for them. When it has come to music, I feel like I have always let you guys down.”

She added that while she’s pushed launch dates that have come and gone, she’s still been working hard behind the scenes, and her new album is actually complete.

“I will say something is coming out this day, the album will be released this time and.. it never happens. What y’all don’t know is the album is done, it’s been done for a whole year. What y’all don’t know is I have worked so hard on so many launches. I have planned, scheduled, prepared and put so much of my heart and soul into delivering you music at the level in which you deserve! At the level in which everything I put out is.”

Keke Palmer

She went on to say that the ins and outs of the music industry doesn’t help.

“But the music industry and the things you have to go through, the way it’s set up is absolutely soul crushing. This story is so outdated and I can not put it into words but anyone that does music will understand what I mean. I give you dates and set expectations and then I am just as confused as you are when things don’t follow through.”

She also explained her journey with music, from having her first record deal as a little girl, to launching her own label.

“It took me so many years to recover emotionally from the disappointment and heartbreak of my first record deal at 12. I thought starting my own label and owning my music would make things easier but they are just that much MORE complicated. All I want to do is make music and let it be heard. I truly don’t understand how something that can come so easily to me, be surrounded by so much bulls***.”

As for when she’ll release new music, she vulnerably said she’s not sure.

“I am deeply saddened to tell you that I don’t know when you will get new music, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get it to you. This is not to be like boo hoo or anything it’s simply me being a person of my word, being transparent and letting you know what’s going on. That I don’t have any answers for you, all I can say is I still love music itself and if it happens that I am able to share that with you guys sometimes I will. I had to say something instead of looking crazy asf like I’ve been lying to you.. I’ve been being lied to as well”

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Authored by: Char Patterson