Miguel Debuts New Graphic Single ‘Funeral’ [New Music]

Miguel Debuts New Graphic Single ‘Funeral’ ‘Somebody’s Daughter I Just Slayed’

Miguel’s skills are good enough to kill, based on his new single “Funeral.”

The singer released the 2:16 track just in time for Halloweeen Thursday (Oct. 31).

The art for the song shows Miguel as he appears to be made of clay.

Listeners can hear a bass under Miguel’s perfect harmony as he sings,

“Send my regards to the mother and father
‘Cause somebody’s daughter I just f***ing slayed
Blood on?the?carpet, it came?from my heart
Once I start, I?can’t stop it, and now we are prey”

He gets even more graphic in the first verse as he sings over a techno beat.

“I wanna dive in you tonight
Wouldn’t that be special?
‘Cause you’re so f***ing special
And I think we ain’t a rental
I wanna get you so high
‘Til you feel it in your mental
Do you feel me in your mental?
I’m f***ing drilling in your dead soul”

He gives us the soulful voice that we first fell in love with in the pre-chorus:

“I lost my mind, yeah
So I made y’all’s mind up
Two souls and a dance with the de-
And only one comin’ alive”

He jumps back into the chorus before the second verse, staying consistent with the funeral theme.

“Call the coroner tonight (Tonight)
Blacked-out girl it’s a funeral (Funeral)
She was dead on arrival (Arrival)
Heart crossed, hand on the Bible (Alright)”

This is Miguel’s latest single since his War & Leisure album in 2017, that featured the single “Sky Walker” with Travis Scott. 

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Authored by: Char