Blueface Debuts New Face Tattoo, Releases Songs About Kicking Mom & Sister Out Of His House

Blueface Debuts New Face Tattoo, Releases Songs About Kicking Mom & Sister Out Of His House

Blueface is tatted up with a new face tattoo. He revealed the new ink on social media this week.

His two girlfriends also got the same tattoo on their hands.

It’s clear he has lots of love for his girlfriends. He also released a song that talks about kicking his mom and sister out of his house after they got into with one of his girlfriends, Andrea.

Blueface, Andrea

In the song he raps,

“On my momma and my sis … Had to kick my own blood out… “

Swipe to see the footage of the drama between his mom and sister.

His mom responded to their fallout on Instagram with a throwback photo of her, Blueface and his siblings.

These are my children and I brought them into this world and I’ll take them out! You will respect me rich or poor! I sacrificed my life for them to be who they are and they better not ever forget it! My son has never disrespected me or any adults as long as he has been on this earth. There’s not a teacher, coach, principle, family member or anyone else who will testify that he has ever! The person I exposed was Mr. BlueFace that was not my son and I made sure he knew it. Whoever is creating this person was put on notice that I’ll put the whole situation on blast to protect my son. My children know that I would die for them without blinking and I needed whomever is testing him or me to know it. I deeply regret pushing BlueFace to anger but I refuse to allow him to destroy my son Johnathan! This was not about money or me trying to control his house because if I see the devil coming in you can best believe I’m going to be right behind her. To all those who have prayed for us collectively, I felt your prayers and it did give me strength and courage. Please continue to pray for my baby because at the end of the day that’s who he is and will always be”

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Authored by: Char Patterson