Fabolous Approves Of Daughter Taina Williams’ Rapper Boyfriend G-Herbo & Gives Them Relationship Advice

Fabolous Approves Of Daughter Taina Williams’ Boyfriend G-Herbo & Gives Them Relationship Advice

Rapper Fabolous says that his step-daughter, Taina Williams‘, relationship with Chicago rapper, G-Herbo, is just that – fabulous. But, Taina is still under her dad’s watchful eye. Fabolous tells WGCI, this about his 21-year-old’s boyfriend:

“I was acting like I wasn’t watching but really I was watching! You know, that’s your daughter. Anybody who got a daughter- you’re attentive. You’re like, ‘What’s goin’ on?’ Or even if they ain’t at that age, you still watch them a little bit closer than say if you have a son. I got two sons, too. So I’m just watchful. And I seen that he was a stand-up dude, [and] she was happy. She always spoke of him in a good light, and then when he came around, he matched up to what she spoke of – and those were some of the key things that I was recognizing about him first before we even had a conversation.”

Taina Williams, G Herbo

So, what was that conversation with Taina’s famous boyfriend like? Fabolous detailed the first time he met G-Herbo:

“I met him one time and it was when they were first starting dating, and we didn’t have that much talk – but it was like, ‘Hey wassup?’ And he was a cool dude. So after we got to really kick it and stuff, I saw the people around him, and he got a good team around him. He got a good head on his shoulders. We had conversations- you know, everything.”

Due to their common profession, Fab says he’s able to give both Taina and G-Herbo relationship advice:

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“I’m even able to be, like, kind of like an OG to him on the sense of in their relationship, too, because she’s now dealing with a rapper…I can even speak from his prospective a little bit, and help her understand that if he’s just going to the studio, she might be thinking, ‘Why’s he’s spend so much time in the studio?’ But that’s a rapper’s office. [When] they go to the studio, they go to work.”

Fab even gave his stamp of approval using G-Herbo’s signature slang:

“He’s a good dude overall. So we good. We gang-gang, on bro!”

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Aww! It’s safe to say that G-Herbo is invited to Fabolous’ and Emily B’s Thanksgiving dinner table!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay