Ray J & Princess Love Considering Couples Therapy After Public Fallout

Ray J, Princess Love

Ray J & Princess Love Reportedly Considering Couples Therapy After Their Public Fallout

UPDATE: New reports say that Ray J and Princess Love have no plans on getting back together.

Just when it looked like Ray J and Princess Love were over for good, there could be hope for the couple to bounce back. An insider said that while they are talking, the conversations are limited to discussions about their daughter Melody. 

All seemed to be well between them when Ray J shared a video fo Princess Love doing a maternity shoot. But the source added that he was only there because he said he’d watch Melody while his wife did her thing. As for their marriage, Princess Love is said to be still leaning toward divorce.

Previous reports said they worked out their issues after having a huge and very public blowup with each other just days ago. Insiders claim that Ray J and Princess Love, who’s just a couple of weeks away from giving birth to their second child, decided that they overreacted and don’t believe divorce is the way they want to go. Instead, they’re reportedly thinking about heading to couples therapy.

They were reportedly back on track and hanging out with each other, and gearing up for their new arrival.

Their drama started a little more than a week ago after Princess Love blasted Ray J, accusing him of leaving her and their daughter Melody Love stranded in Las Vegas.

Ray J then blocked Princess Love on social media before he broke his silence and responded, denying ever abandoning his family in Sin City.

Princess Love then responded to him with a couple of posts on her stories and Instagram Live where she said she no longer wanted to be married.

It didn’t take long for both Princess Love and Ray J to call their parents for reinforcement as Ray J demanded his wife let him see Melody. At the same time, Princess Love accused Ray J of leaving them so he could go hang out with

“escorts and strippers.”

Ray J was later reunited with their child

Interestingly enough, he also reunited with Princess Love and swooned over her as she did what appeared to be a maternity shoot.

He deactivated his Instagram account shortly after.


After all that, it looked like they’re ready to work things out.

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