‘Baddies South’ Star Chrisean Rock Removes Tooth To Rekindle Relationship With Blueface + Rapper Responds

BlueFace x Chrisean Rock

‘Baddies South’ Star Chrisean Rock Removes Tooth To Rekindle Relationship With Blueface + Rapper Responds

A smile may be worth a thousand words, but it is apparently NOT worth a relationship with BlueFace.

Rapper and ‘Baddies South‘ star Chrisean Rock is, once again, missing a front tooth. The implant reportedly sparked relationship problems for her and rapper BlueFace, prompting Chrisean Rock to remove it.

In a video posted to social media with the words “took it out for you daddy” and “all I had to do was unscrew up” plastered across the screen, Chrisean Rock said,

“I did it for you Blue, I took the tooth out. Now what’s your excuse?”

In response, the ‘Thotiana‘ rapper said via social media,

“That’s my girl Rock Rock, go ahead and bring me that tooth baby. Bring that tooth home baby. We’re going to put it under the pillow and we’re going to make a hundred and fifty thousand.”

BlueFace previously said they began having issues after Chrisean Rock got a front tooth implanted.

“Ever since she got that tooth she been on. I see what’s going down. B*tch done got a tooth…”


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As you may have guessed, Twitter users had a lot to say about Chrisean‘s actions. One Twitter user said,

“Hot girls down a million because Chrisean dummy a*s took her tooth out just for Blueface long head a*s.”
Blueface x Chrisean Rock

Some critics didn’t hold back, calling Chrisean a “dumba*s” for still dealing with the rapper, who appears to have no respect for her. Another user said,

“Please stop giving this dumba*s woman a platform. I hate how goofy she is behind Blueface. She’s his attack dog & definitely needs therapy. She fought this man’s mama because he told her too while he stood there and watch. Black women mad embarrassing for companionship.”

Blueface x Chrisean Rock

And the comments certainly did not stop there.

Chrisean Rock removes tooth

Chrisean Rock removes tooth

Chrisean Rock removes tooth

BlueFace and Chrisean‘s relationship is what some may consider toxic. The duo recently got into a physical altercation with Blueface‘s mother, Karlissa Saffold and sister, Kali Miller.

BlueFace denied their accusations and in turn, shared a video of Chrisean admitting she was the one involved in the assault. The 25-year-old rapper said in the video:

“They want to claim that they did it, so they can’t just take their L. I’m a full-f**king boxer over here.”

She added,

“They gave me no choice.”

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Authored by: S. G.