Kevin McCall Indicted On Felony Charge After Courthouse Dispute With Police Officers Turned Physical

Kevin McCall

Kevin McCall Indicted On Felony Charge After Courthouse Dispute With Police Officers Turned Physical

The fallout from Kevin McCall’s physical altercation with an officer in an Atlanta courthouse doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Now, a grand jury in Georgia has reportedly indicted Kevin McCall with a felony charge, criminal damage to property in the second degree. That charge stems from one of the officer’s glasses breaking after he and Kevin McCall took a tumble down an escalator after McCall allegedly tried to hit him.

He’s also facing obstruction of a law enforcement officer by use of threats or violence and terroristic threats charges.

Last month, McCall went live on Instagram on his way to a custody hearing for his and Eva Marcille’s daughter Marley Rae. 

A deputy told McCall he couldn’t FaceTime, and McCall said he wasn’t FaceTiming. The video later turned off but things allegedly got ugly from there as McCall made threats of aggravated assault amid the escalator moment. He was arrested and later released but is now facing charges.

McCall has spoken out since the incident went viral and said he was racially profiled. He also revealed he wants to take legal action.

“I’m gonna file a lawsuit because I was injured and they lied on me. They showed me talking to the people which is an amendment right. Everybody has a freedom of speech and this is a free country last I checked.”

“But I do have a full-body tattoo. People think I just got face tattoos, I got a full-body tattoo and you do as well… It’s called Black skin. It’s a lot that comes with that.”

“I feel I was targeted cause you couldn’t even tell what I was doing, so he told me there’s no FaceTiming. That’s a specific command, there’s no FaceeTiming. You could be FaceTiming somebody so you can have them come in there and meet me. What I’m saying to you is, sometimes people… I was actually on Live celebrating that I was going to see my kid, I’m about to get my daughter back. I was excited.”

Meanwhile, Eva Marcille, who currently stars on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” didn’t seem surprised about the incident.

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Authored by: Char Patterson