EXCLUSIVE: Lira Galore Denies Ever Being Violent Toward Pierre “Pee” Thomas Or On Drugs, Says He Uses Children To Post On Social Media & Recounts A Shootout In His Home

Pierre “Pee” Thomas, Lira Galore

EXCLUSIVE: Lira Galore Denies Ever Being Violent Toward Pierre “Pee” Thomas Or On Drugs, Says He Uses Children To Post On Social Media & Recounts A Shootout In His Home

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, the nasty legal battle between Quality Control Music Founder Pierre “Pee” Thomas’ and the mother of one of his children, Lira Galore (real name Tylira Mercer) continues.

Pierre “Pee” Thomas co-founded Atlanta based record label Quality Control Music with Kevin “Coach K” Lee. He shares an infant daughter, with Lira Galore born in 2019.

The pair went to court over custody and visitation over their daughter. Lira Galore is seeking sole custody of their daughter and is suing for $15 million.

This week, multiple reports surfaced, detailing physical abuse allegations made by Lira Galore against Pierre “Pee” Thomas. Lira Galore has claimed that Pierre Pee Thomas physically attacked her at least five times and alleges that she was choked and punched multiple times. Pierre has reportedly responded denying any abuse and claims that Lira Galore was abusive toward him while using drugs.

Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas

In new court documents obtained by theJasmineBRAND, Lira makes new allegations against Pierre regarding his parenting skills. She alleges that Pierre “does not know how to handle any of his minor children.” She claims that the music producer’s

“current female friend, girlfriend, or other women taking care of his minor children whenever he has one or more of his children in his custody.”

Lira says that Pierre uses

“his children for photo opportunities for social media, and then he hands his children off to whichever woman he has with him at the time.”

She also claims that he

“was not interested in spending more than an hour or so with his children before he was off to the studio or someone else to work.”

Lira Galore

She adds,

“It is unfortunate that Petitioner has five (5) minor children and does not have any direct parenting relationship raising either child because he always has someone else present to care for said child or children if he has more than one child with him at the time.”

Lira also calls Pierre

“a dangerous individual, who lives a dangerous lifestyle, and who is unfit to have custody of the parties’ daughter.”

She say that she fears for her own safety as well as the safety of the parties’ infant child if said minor child were with Pierre for any period of time unsupervised. She says that he has to constantly look over his shoulder as a result of his lifestyle.

She recounts an alleged incident in June of 2018, while Lira was at Pierre’s residence getting ready for a trip to Miami the next day, some men tried to break into his home. On the very next day after they were in Miami, she claims intruders came to his residence. This time, the intruders actually entered his residence, and there was a shooting between the intruders and some people who work for Pierre, inside of his home. She alleges that bullet holes could be seen throughout his kitchen on a video that Pierre posted online recounting the incident.

On said video, he allegedly openly threatened his intruders and made it clear that they were “lucky to be alive” because he was not one of the “industry types” who let those things happen to him without responding. Because of this, she claims that it is not in any child’s best interest to be in Pierre’s unsupervised physical custody for any period of time.

In the court docs, Lira also addresses what she refers to as defamatory statements about her as if she, at 4’11” could actually be physically violent towards Pierre, who stands at 6’2”. Specifically, she says that she never been physically abusive towards Pierre, and she demands strict proof of said allegations. She also denies allegations that she used various illegal substances throughout her pregnancy and demands strict proof thereof.

See the court documents below.

Authored by: TJB Writer