EXCLUSIVE: NeNe Leakes On Why Cynthia Bailey Shouldn’t Return To RHOA, The Reason Marlo Hampton Doesn’t Need A Peach & Her Friendship Status With Wendy Williams 

EXCLUSIVE: NeNe Leakes On Why Cynthia Bailey Shouldn’t Return To RHOA, The Reason Marlo Hampton Doesn’t Need A Peach & Her Friendship Status With Wendy Williams

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, NeNe Leakes didn’t hold anything back as she talked about her former co-star Porsha Williams’ controversial engagement, her thoughts on who should return for the next season of RHOA, and where she currently stands with frenemies Marlo Hampton and famous talk show host Wendy Williams. Earlier this month we released the first part of our exclusive interview with businesswoman/tv personality NeNe Leakes who revealed a lot of personal details about her business and day-to-day life.


During our time with NeNe Leakes, she also talked about her former Real Housewives Of Atlanta co-star Porsha Williams and her engagement to businessman Simon Guobadia. As previously reported, Porsha Williams made headlines in May after news broke about her engagement to businessman Simon Guobadia, just one month after his divorce to Falynn Guobadia was announced.

Falynn Guobadia, Simon Guobadia, and Porsha Williams

According to NeNe, Porsha and her fiancé Simon should have saved their controversial engagement announcement for the upcoming season of RHOA to help with ratings.

When speaking on Porsha Williams’ rumored spin-off NeNe said,

“I think is a bit of a mistake. Not a mistake of her having a spin-off, no, I’m okay with that. But I feel like the story was so big in the press and then the blogs. It went viral! I feel like they should have saved it for The Real Housewives because it seemed like it needed some help.”

She added,

“So that would have been a great story [line] over there and I’m sure they still will tell some of that story, but I think if I was producing I would have left all of it for [The Real Housewives Of Atlanta] so people could tune [in] since the ratings were dropping.”

When asked who should return for season 14 of RHOA NeNe shockingly revealed that she thinks her tv-sworn enemy Kenya Moore should get a peach renewal.

“I don’t have any love for them at all but they are an extreme…they start a lot of trouble for no reason and that will be Kenya [Moore]. And so if I had to pick anybody [to return] I would say Kenya and Porsha. Kenya because she is a complete trouble maker and that’s how she lives her life.”

Kenya Moore

Last month RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey dished on her former friend NeNe while on The Wendy Williams Show.

NeNe revealed to us that she opted out of watching the interview to protect her own mental space.

“I didn’t see it, her entire interview. Some people did send me the clip [but] I refuse to look at the clip because this is just me helping myself. When I do things like that because I don’t want to have an outburst, you know, even though I’m working on me, still certain things somebody says it may make me come back. And I don’t want to come back but I was told what she said.”

The RHOA original cast member didn’t stop there and shared with us that she believes her former friend/co-star Cynthia Bailey should not return for the next season. She added,

“And there’s no shade! I mean I think that, you know, the moment you say that people take it for shade.”

“I don’t think she should be there that’s just my opinion. I think she’ll be a good friend to the show. I think that she will come up with an excuse like ‘I live in L.A. now’ or something like that. So she can ‘and that’s why I decided to not do the show’ but [Bravo] decided they don’t want you on the show. But I get it. I just don’t think that she has brought anything to the show in the last few years.”

Cynthia Bailey wasn’t the only on-again-off-again friend that Nene updated us on. She also explained why she thinks long-time friend of RHOA Marlo should not be upgraded to an official housewife for the series. She said,

“I mean you’re asking me my opinion as a businesswoman and I’m just telling you what I think. And what I think is that the network and production company do when they all get together and think about budget and monies to payout. You already have this person working for your company. They already are full-time. They shoot every day with every cast member. They take every trip. They do everything that the housewives do. What is it that you’re going to see different? That’s all I’m saying. So holding a peach isn’t going to change her personality. That’s what she does and who she is.”

She continued,

“Holding a peach doesn’t change anything. These girls may not be holding a peach but they work just as hard as we worked.”

NeNe added that despite her opinion on Marlo, there isn’t an issue between the two of them.

“She’s commented obviously on [Instagram] pictures of mine. I mean, we obviously still follow each other. I don’t have a beef with her. We haven’t had any fallen out, we haven’t had any arguments or anything like that.”

Another friend of the RHOA franchise that NeNe spoke on was Falynn Guobadia, the estranged wife of Simon Guobadia. Falynn was introduced on the show as a friend of Porsha Williams.

Following her engagement announcement, Porsha received a lot of backlash from RHOA fans because many people accused the reality star of breaking girl code to be with her now-fiancé Simon Guobadia. Porsha has since claimed she and Falynn were never really friends. According to NeNe, it’s not uncommon for reality tv shows to make fake friend connections for the sake of the series. She said,

“I don’t know whether Falynn was [Porsha’s] friend or not. If I was thinking about the reality show, I was saying that people come on the show and the show [will] make them appear to be your friend, but they are really not your friend. You probably have never even met them till the day they showed up on set and you were… asked to say ‘Hey NeNe she came in your store and she shopped in your boutique so now act like you invited her to the party.’”

Falynn Guobadia

In addition to exclusively updating theJasmineBrand on where she currently stands with some of the ladies connected to RHOA, NeNe also revealed to us her current relationship status with Wendy Williams. As previously reported, NeNe and Wendy Williams’ friendship seemingly came to a halt sometime last year. It’s unclear where the issues between the two ladies originated from but they both have called each other harsh things since their fallout.

When asked what is the status between her and Wendy now, NeNe said,

“I have not spoken to Wendy after everything that happened online. Though I will say a few weeks later Wendy did reach out to me, she did call me and wish me a happy New Year. I was not ready to receive her call, I talked to her and, you know, I really just told her off and hung up. So I have not spoken to her.”

She added,

“She did try to call me [again] and say something but I – no. For me, it’s just like look, we just
probably need to love each other from afar.”

Wendy Williams, Nene Leakes

From Broadway to scripted and reality tv, NeNe Leakes has done a lot within her career so far. When asked what she wants her legacy to be the businesswoman jokingly replied,

“I don’t know, I want to be like Rosa Parks.”

She added,

“I don’t know. I want people to know me as a – first of all, as a big-hearted person. I want people to know that I’ve opened up many doors. I try always to open up many doors. I always try to pass the torch, you know. I really work hard on doing that. I try to help people with opportunities. I just want people to know that I was a giving person.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel