Amanda Seales Calls Out Kim Kardashian West Amid Controversial Photo Shoot: This Family Is Notorious For Appropriating Black Culture

Amanda Seales, Kim Kardashian West

Amanda Seales Calls Out Kim Kardashian West Amid Controversial Photo Shoot: This Family Is Notorious For Appropriating Black Culture

While Kim Kardashian West has stayed quiet about accusations that she used blackface in her latest photoshoot, actress and comedienne Amanda Seales has said plenty.

It was previously reported that Kim Kardashian West was accused of blackface after she released photos of her shoot with 7 Hollywood magazine Thursday (Dec. 19).

Amanda Seales entered the conversation and first wrote,

“ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME? (I’ll address this thoroughly later.)

And address it she did.

She first posted the photos of Kim Kardashian West compared to similar previous photos of Beyonce while saying,

“No no no no no…”


She then said,

“Honestly, what is there to say? What is there to say? Cause what folks will say is ‘But she has black children.’ Stop it. ‘But she’s Middle Eastern.’ Stop it. ‘But she’s helping black people get out of jail.’ Stop! Drop! Shut em down open up… Stop it! ‘But she’s channeling Elizabeth Taylor.’ Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. She wanted to look like Diahann, Beyonce, Diana Ross Carroll. That’s what she wanted to look like. And an entire team of people let it happen because they don’t care.”

She continued and pointed out that Kim is the mother of bi-racial children, as she’s married to rapper Kanye West. The two have four children together.

Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West & Kids

“She got black daughter and she don’t care, okay? She got black nieces and she don’t care. She has a black mother-in-law looking down from Heaven, rest in peace to Donda, but she don’t care. She don’t care because so many of y’all don’t care. Y’all be praising the s***. Not y’all who are like ‘Yes Amana I’m with this.’ No, I mean them… you… in the back, who be like ‘Oh my gosh she’s so…’ That’s why she don’t care. That’s why.”

She added that some might not care about Kim’s look because,

“some of y’all don’t care about yourself. The love of you being a black woman and loving what you are as a black woman, that didn’t happen, and that’s unfair to you. Because you should care that somebody is trying to take your rhythm but not know your blues. You should care. Some of y’all don’t even care about black women unless they’re your family member. Or maybe you don’t care about black women altogether. Some of y’all don’t care about ethnics.”

She went on to say that this is a pattern for the Kardashian/Jenner family.

“But this is basic. This family is notorious for appropriating black culture. They do not have any grievance about it. They don’t give reverence, they don’t pay homage. They mimic, they take, they commodify. This is a constant thing that they do. For real!”

Kim Kardashian West

She continued,

“As a black woman, to see this person on this cover in blackface, and yes, you can call it tan or bronzer or whatever, but again, she don’t care. She don’ care. But I am of a lineage of individuals, who because of our innate likeness and dopeness in various forms have had to exist in our expense. What I mean by that is, we are so dope in so many ways, we have consistently been seen as only resources, not as people. So they touch our hair, they inject their lips and their hips and their booties to mimic ours. They attempt our style, and they give nothing back. It’s all depletion with no replenishment.”

She addressed critics who point out that black women wear weaves.

“There are black people with straight hair. There are black people with blonde hair. So stop it five. And don’t make me even have to get into the conversation of the fact that it is a brainwashing that has gone on for quite some time that has made black women in certain cases feel like they gotta wear that kinda hair because that’s what they have been presented as the only ideal version of beauty. So don’t make me go into that because that’s not what I’m talking about right now. What I’m talking about right now is the basic display of cultural appropriation and blackface by somebody who knows better, but chooses not to do better… this is somebody with big a** platform, and people mimic, and people are influenced by what they do.”

She went on to tell white women to

“be you! We have had to make so much due with being us, in spite of your constant attempts to degrade and diminish us… when I see s*** like this… sometimes it just feels like white women are just like ‘we can’t get rid of them so we might as well try to replace them.’ We don’t want what they got.”

“This is not a barter, not an exchange, It’s a centuries-old practice of entitlement. And that s*** is tired. I gotta take a nap.”

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