Paul Mooney’s Sons Say He Isn’t In Hiding, Doesn’t Know About Child Molestation Controversy: He doesn’t know the difference between Richard Pryor, Jr. & Little Richard!

Paul Mooney’s Sons Say He Isn’t In Hiding, Doesn’t Know About Child Molestation Controversy: He doesn’t know the difference between Richard Pryor, Jr. & Little Richard!

Legendary comedian Paul Mooney may not be responding to rumors that he once molested Richard Pryor, Jr. as a teenager, but his sons are speaking out on his behalf. Daryl and Dwayne Mooney – better known as The Mooney Twins – sat down with Comedy Hype, the same outlet that discussed Richard Pryor‘s former bodyguard, Rashon Khan‘s, allegations. Rashon revealed that Richard Pryor allegedly put a hit out on Paul Mooney when he learned of his involvement with his son.

Daryl and Dwayne call the scandalous accusation an “attack” on their father’s legacy:

“People can say anything- especially if you hatin’ on somebody! All that great things that Paul Mooney has contributed to Hollywood- why now all of a sudden?…look what they did to Michael Jackson? Look what they did to Bill Cosby? Look what they do to these Black men after they’ve created a legacy. Now all of a sudden when they get older, somebody wanna crack and destroy their legacy? The legacy is too strong to be destroyed unless you comin’ with something real and you got some proof about it, ’cause other than that – you just talkin’ sh*t.”

At 78-years-old, the Mooney Twins say their father is too elderly and sickly to even know of the controversy brewing in the media:

“He don’t even know what’s goin’ on right now with all this Richard Pryor stuff! He don’t need to speak on it. We’re speaking on it! He don’t know the difference between Richard Pryor, Jr. and Little Richard, so you ain’t gettin’ nothin’ out of Paul!”

Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney

In fact, they say his father is not in hiding. Daryl and Dwayne cemented that their father did not cancel his Atlanta Comedy Theater appearance in shame, detailing his illness.

“Somebody tried to play like he was scared- he was dehydrated! He was ill, he had to cancel! He was in the hospital!…He’s basically retiring from stand-up. Don’t you think he would be up here talkin’? That’s Paul Mooney. Somebody said, ‘Paul Mooney hidin’!’ Paul Mooney ain’t hidin’! Paul Mooney’s not well! Somebody just said in Atlanta that Paul Mooney just cancelled a show, ’cause he was performing in Atlanta. Paul Mooney don’t perform! He was coming to Atlanta because he promotes comedians, just like he did back in the day…he’s always promoted comedians, so that’s what he can do now.”

Paul Mooney’s sons, Daryl and Dwayne Mooney

The twins add that sexual perversion is nothing new among the Pryor family. The Mooney brothers say that Richard Pryor offered Jr. a prostitute for his 13th birthday to take his virginity.

“Richard Pryor, Jr. says when he was 13-years-old, that his father – Richard Pryor – paid for a 26-year-old prostitute to break his virginity. In his book – this ain’t no make-believe stuff! He ain’t never mentioned no Paul Mooney!”

Daryl and Dwayne Mooney refuse to comment further until Richard Pryor, Jr. shares his version of what happened.

“Richard Pryor, Jr. ain’t said nothin’ about it, so how you gon’ tell somebody’s business?…until Richard Pryor, Jr. steps up to the plate and says somebody did somethin’, then it’s truth. Other than that, it’s just haterade…if it’s true, we’ll deal with that then. That’s a ‘what-if.'”

Lastly, here are Paul Mooney’s sons’ last words for Rashon Khan.

“Y’all gon’ listen to a godd*mn bodyguard? It’s usually the maid that tells the business- not the bodyguard!…my response is, ‘F*ck you, Rashad! [noticeably mispronouncing his name] F*ck you! Comin’ out with some bullsh*t like that when Paul is ailing! He’s old. If the sh*t was hot, you should’ve told that sh*t years ago!…Ain’t none of it true! It’s all lies!”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay