T.I. Brings Awareness To Mississippi Jail Conditions: “This Is Unacceptable!”


T.I. Draws Awareness To Conditions Of Mississippi Jail: “This Is Unacceptable!”

Rapper T.I. appears to be picking up where Kim Kardashian-West left off in the fight towards prison reform. Having once served time in federal prison, T.I. took to his social media platform to raise awareness on the inhumane conditions of the Mississippi State Penitentiary. His caption read:

“@troubleman31 Gathering details. What we see so far…is unacceptable.”

The graphic the “Family Hustle” star posted provided this information on how to help influence the government to approach the crisis:

“The death toll at Parchman continues to rise. How long must we wait for Mississippi lawmakers to address this crisis? CALL NOW: 888-887-9480…FIVE MISSISSIPPI INMATES HAVE BEEN KILLED IN A WEEK, SEVERAL OTHERS INJURES, AND THE CONDITIONS ARE INHUMANE, OFFICIALS SAY. NOW TWO ARE MISSING…”

In video footage, inmates reveal unclean water, starvation, filthy cells, and mold and other dangerous bacteria.

T.I. has openly fought for criminal justice reform and against discrimination for many years now.

Can T.I.’s influence lead to a change in this Mississippi jail facility?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay