Prince – Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Singer’s Doctor & Hospital Dismissed


Prince – Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Singer’s Doctor & Hospital Dismissed

The wrongful death lawsuit concerning legendary singer Prince’s death has been dismissed nearly four years after his death.

According to reports, there is speculation that his family reached a settlement with the people they sued such as Dr. Michael Schulenberg, the physician who Prince went to just before he passed and allegedly prescribed the fatal dose of opioid to Prince’s bodyguard, knowing that Prince could get it. He’s denied all claims but paid a $30,000 settlement in a civil case that claimed the prescription was illegal.

The bodyguard did have to go to deposition but didn’t answer hardly any questions. His family also sued an Illinois hospital, Trinity Medical Center, that saw him amid his opioid overdose roughly a week before he died. Price’s family filed the lawsuit in April 2018, claiming the defendants didn’t fulfill their responsibility to diagnose and treat Prince ahead of his last breath. They also dismissed the lawsuit against Walgreens where Prince’s prescription.

California addiction specialist Howard Kornfield also had a case against him dismissed. He was the expert his friends reached out to before Prince died. A judge said there was no proof that he actually spoke with Prince, but the case is currently in the appeals stage.

Meanwhile, the disputes concerning his estate, which was at one point said to be worth $200 million, is still going strong. The IRS still hasn’t confirmed how much his estate is worth.

Prince’s cause of death was a fentanyl overdose. Police said it’s very possible that Prince had no idea he was taking a synthetic opioid that’s 50 times stronger than heroin.

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Authored by: Char Patterson