Ari Lennox Seems To Apologize After Slamming Gayle King & Oprah Winfrey

Ari Lennox, Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey

Ari Lennox Seems To Apologize After Slamming Gayle King & Oprah Winfrey

While Oprah Winfrey has been slammed for being involved in projects that featured people who accused Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons of sexual assault. (while seemingly staying about accusations against Harvey Weinstein), many eyes were on her BFF and fellow journalist after Gayle King questioned Lisa Leslie about sexual allegations against late NBA star Kobe Bryant. 

Ari Lennox was one of the many celebs who came for Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. She said on Instagram Live,

“F*** Gayle, f*** Oprah, y’all are some self-hating, pieces of s***, f*** a**es. If I have never seen a coon more f***ing coonier than kale, I mean… Kale and Okra. I’m over y’all! I’m over y’all, I don’t give a f*** how rich you are, how much you’ve f***in accomplished! You’re tearing down the legacies of so many phenomenal, beautiful, black men, and I don’t have time for it. I don’t f***ing have time for it! I’m sick. I’m disgusted. You don’t care about black people. Okra,  I knew you wasn’t s*** when the kids was trying take a picture with you and she was like ‘Ooo I see your little cracked phone. Okra! Okra!”



 While her insults triggered lots of laughs and even went viral as she nicknamed them “Okra” and “Kale”, she seems to have regrets about it.

She took to her Tumblr page Saturday (Feb. 8), to write a lengthy letter of apology. She doesn’t name names, but it’s speculated that she was referencing her rant against Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King.

Ari Lennox wrote,

“I am sorry. I was acting like an a**. Im sorry for being insensitive. I truly love y’all so much. I swear to god i be meaning well. I’m not the most structured when i start talking and that has been a blessing and curse. I’ve grown too comfortable with viewing my supporters as my bestie that I can freely vent to with no repercussions. I feel the need to protect people that I feel are genuinely good people. If you know me, you know I speak on what’s unjust in MY mind. But it doesn’t matter if ultimately my opinion is perceived as toxic and ignorant and harmful.”

She added,

” I made it very clear who specifically I was talking about but Carry on with your misconstrued judgement of me. My heart is in the right place and I can only pray you’ll one day see that. I see what’s being said and I feel the pain of those I genuinely I hurt and I’m sorry. I realize I need to stfu and stay offline. It’s so mentally draining trying to do good and it comes out completely detrimental. I’m sorry for triggering people and I’m sorry if I caused any trauma.

 Im sorry for victim shaming, swear that wasn’t my intent. I repeat that WAS NOT my intent. I’m learning how to deal with my feelings in private like most people in music. You see there is no room for growth in this industry publicly it is best to find your way in private. To have healthy and productive  conversations in private. I shouldn’t be aimlessly figuring it out in front of y’all.

I was speaking on a very sensitive topic and I failed to facilitate sensitively, intelligently and healthily. I impulsively spiraled cause I was sick of seeing the distasteful shade especially at such a terrible and sad time towards someone I know is good person. With that said I wasn’t trying to discredit other people and their truths and opinions. Also I don’t need black men to stick up for me in order to do what I know is right in my heart and that’s speak up if I feel people are being distasteful towards them. Same goes for black women especially!”

She went on to write that she aims to promote #BlackGirlMagic at all times, and that while her true intent might have been overshadowed, it didn’t come from a malicious place.

“everything I do is for black girl magic, glory, unity and our greatness. I INNATELY love on my people and don’t need a specific reason to look out but ultimately I want to be better and do it better. I want to grow. I want to be a light. I want to be enlightened. I’m not out here trying to protect toxic individuals. That’s not what I believe i did. My opinion, though filled with disarray came from a place of love and empathy and sadness. But my delivery was harmful. I shouldn’t have disrespected anyone in trying to communicate my feelings. Honestly I should’ve just ate my food and booked a therapy session. I love you genuinely. I’m excited to leave social media for good. I’m excited for true self love, healing, understanding and peace. To all the people who checked me from a place of love, I love you forever and I hear you and I deeply empathize more than you’ll ever know.”

She continued and wrote that she wouldn’t be posting on IG live for a while.

“I would love to keep the conversation going in real life. Don’t want to move in this world hurting people. Thank you for your constructive criticism. Thanks for checking me. IG live it’s been a fun ride sweet angel baby cakes, but our mental peace is most important so I’m out <3

– Ari Lennox”

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Authored by: Char Patterson