Rickey Smiley Addresses Controversial Post About Boys Wearing Dresses Being Accepted In Society + Talks Dwyane Wade’s Child Identifying As Female [WATCH]

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Rickey Smiley Addresses Controversial Post About Boys Wearing Dresses Being Accepted In Society + Talks Dwyane Wade’s Child Identifying As Female [WATCH]

Rickey Smiley is clearing the air after he came under fire for a controversial post he shared on social media earlier this week.

He spoke on the message in a nearly 20-minute YouTube video shared amid the criticism.

He first said he didn’t create the post, but instead shared it after seeing it on his Facebook timeline.

“All of a sudden I’m a homophobe because I shared the post. I shared it because a lot of people do feel that way, and a lot of people think that. I’m not saying that I think that, but… it does seem like men wearing dreadlocks… it seems like police and different ones in society just kind of hate people that wear dreadlocks. It’s part of our culture. We’re from Africa and a lot of men are being told that they can’t graduate, or there’s some kind of stigma to not only men wearing their dreads but people of color wearing their natural hair.”

He added that he has no issue with anyone or their life choices.

“Somebody took that post and started some s*** and it ain’t nothing but some mess, because I shared the post. That ain’t a post that I created. Whatever anybody wanna do with their kids, that’s their business. But what I will say, being pro-masculine and us fathers out here, if we desire for our son to play football, that don’t make us anti-gay. If one of my kids or nephews said that they felt different or they felt like a man in a woman’s body, I would love them the same I would the ones that’s growing up being regular boys and don’t have those issues. So I’m not biased against anybody…”

His initial post came during the heat of conversation concerning Dwyane Wade’s 12-year-old’s gender identity. The retired NBA star revealed earlier this month that his child, who was born Zion, identifies as a female, who wants to go by Zaya.

Rickey Smiley continued and said,

“I didn’t say anything bad about Dwyane Wade… who I absolutely love. I just said my son wouldn’t do that until I felt like he was old enough. Then that would be a conversation that I would have to have with my son, based on the rules and regulations under my roof… I’m not finna sit up here and explain to nobody s*** I would do for my son, or my grandson, or anybody being raised in my house cause whatever my rule is, that’s what it is.”

He said he encourages his own LGBT staff to,

“Be a great person that happens to be gay. Because nobody care about your sexuality is, because don’t nobody care about what my sexuality is. And what anybody’s sexuality is is their business. But we’re not gonna wave that and march that and that’s what you identify… This is me, and my house, that’s not how you’re gonna be identified. You’re identified as a good person that’s smart, intelligent, great manners, great loving person, educated, successful, that happens to be gay, or lesbian, or whatever…”

He continued,

“Whatever Dwyane Wade, or anybody do with their kids, I respect them, I respect their decision, and I don’t judge cause who am I to judge? I can’t judge nobody as much as I cuss and drink Mountain Dews and sit up and laugh at ‘My 600 Pound Life’… I’m already going to hell, and I know it…”

He ended with,

“Be who you want to be. Just be wonderful. Be genuine. Be sincere. Be thoughtful.Be loving. Be encouraging. Be that! Where’s the flag for that? Be that! Your sexual preference is nobody’s business. It’s not. I don’t care and I don’t judge.”

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