Tank Calls Out Tamar Braxton For Firing Band: Don’t Attack Them On Social Media!


Tank Calls Out Tamar Braxton For Firing Band: Don’t Attack Them On Social Media!

Tank stepped in to speak on the “truth” on the band Tamar Braxton fired last week. As previously reported, the R&B songstress gave her band the ax after they were a no-call no-show for her concert in Philadelphia.

Shortly after the “Love and War” singer called for a new band, Tank inserted his own two cents because according to him, he felt he needed to defend the “professionalism” and “credibility” of the band.

He shared a message to Instagram, writing,

 I have the band and I’m not letting them go! On some real sh*t though sis don’t attack these kids on social media.

He continued by sticking up for the band, stating they would purposely miss work.

[The band] are good guys and they’d never intentionally miss a gig period. If someone in your camp is telling you something different, which I know they are, it’s a lie. I’m not here to attack you on social media either just here to protect my guy’s professionalism and credibility on social media since they were attacked here.

This caption was attached to a video of him showing the band who missed Tamar’s show, was with him during his show. He said,

“Shout out to my sis Tamar. She’s been looking for her band, she couldn’t find the band, she didn’t know where the band was – man, the band with me,” he said in the video before bellowing out a hearty sinister laugh.

After the initial posting of the video, both Tamar and Tank went back and forth in the video’s comments justifying their actions. Tamar responded to the Tank’s message by writing a lengthy comment saying,

Here is what’s funny sir….receipts don’t lie. I was actually THERE you were not!!! I didn’t @ ANYONE, attack ANYONE, You actually just did. I actually think they are nice and talented guys however it WAS UNPROFESSIONAL to miss MY show!!! I posted in the first place because I felt that I owed the audience an explanation as to why they didn’t get my regular theater show!!!

Tank adds a little shade in his response when he brings up Tamar’s estranged husband, Vince Herbert,

@tamarbraxton, you won’t win this one because I can show text messages between them and your husband. At least I think he’s your husband. Don’t get outta character because no one will eat yo nasty ass…Love u…

As the conversation continued, Tamar insisted Tank remove himself from her business, citing she had “receipts” and because it happened to her. Tank ended the typing battle by reiterating why he decided to send the message. He wrote,

…I’m old school! If it’s a stranger or family if I see something that I know is not right going down I’m stepping in. I’m not fearful of evil and I will not stand by and let bad intentions ride! Tamar is a friend so I didn’t come for like I said originally. I’m just protecting them because I know the truth.


Authored by: Kellie Williams