Adrienne Bailon Is Embracing Her Curves: Getting In This Bikini Took Bravery! 

Adrienne Bailon Is Embracing Her Curves: Getting In This Bikini Took Bravery! 

Daytime talk show host Adrienne Bailon of The Real, recently opened up on social media about the constant struggle she faces to embrace her curves after previously having a naturally thinner frame. She made the revelation after a fan asked about her body in the comments of a recent bikini post.

As we age our bodies change and that’s something that Adrienne Bailon can relate to, as she recently admitted that getting older is the source of her previously thinner frame taking on a curvier appearance these days.

Bailon posted a few snapshots of her wearing a bikini, prompting a fan to ask her in the comments how she managed to “get thicker.”

The fan wrote:

“How did you get thicker? You used to have the slender body type now your curvy. I’m trying to get curves in the right places too”

To which Bailon responded:

“Honestly age… I always had hips… but I’ve gained 20lbs. So… there’s that. Lol. But, honestly love your body the way it is… you always want you don’t have. When I was thinner I complained about my body & now I wish I was thin like before… but I try my best to embrace what I have. Getting in this bikini took bravery lol. Healthy is what’s most beautiful!”

Bailon (as well as her co-hosts) has previously discussed body image on The Real, specifically as it relates to the entertainment industry and the enormous pressure placed upon women to look perfect.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings