Michelle Williams Opens Up About Her Infamous Fall During Destiny’s Child 106 & Park Performance: Y’all Remind Me 10 Times A Month! [VIDEO]

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Destiny’s Child Circa 2004

Michelle Williams Recalls Her Infamous Fall With Destiny’s Child On 106th & Park

Destiny’s Child singer, Michelle Williams recently revealed her thoughts on her infamous tumble during the groups live performances on BET’s “106 & Park,” countdown show in 2004.

This week, Michelle Williams took to Twitter with a fun fact about one of the most memorable moments of the R&B super girl group classic, “Soldier,” performance. She writes:

“Every bruise on my lower leg is from when I hit my shin or from when I fell on 106 and Park…….ok bye!!!!!”

Although, the moment might have been embarrassing, Williams says even more than a decade later, fans still ask about her infamous tumble over and over again.


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During a recent guest appearance on ‘The Real,Williams opened up about not being the fan favorite of the legendary girl group. She says,

“It’s not that I was second-guessing, I’m just aware. Some people are like, ‘Oh my God, they said it stuck with her.’ No, it didn’t stick with me. You know, sometimes you’re just aware that you’re not everybody’s favorite and that’s okay. I still got paid.”

She adds,

“I’m just saying, I’m aware but I didn’t lose sleep. That was not contributing to any sadness of mine. I’m just aware.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette