“Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Season 12 Reunion Postponed Due to Coronavirus

RHOA Season 12 cast

“Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Season 12 Reunion Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Fans will have to wait to see the drama between Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast explode at the reunion. While it’s arguably the best time of the season, the show’s executive producer Andy Cohen revealed that the taping would be pushed back because of the widespread coronavirus.

He told one fan who asked about the status of the reunion special, which the cast would be taping around this time,

“Postponed! Omg we all need something to look forward to. And you will get it!'”

He also said the idea of doing it via Skype was shortlived.

“We considered it for a second but figured it would stink!”

He also announced that the popular “Watch What Happens Live” would be suspended.

Meanwhile, new episodes of “RHOA” are still scheduled to air Sundays at 8/7c. Sunday’s (March 15) episode is one that fans have been waiting for, as it features the moment NeNe Leakes appears to spit on co-star Kenya Moore. 

Kenya Moore first revealed the moment in November.

NeNe Leakes denied actually spitting, but suggested she wouldn’t be against doing it. She told Entertainment Tonight, 

“I don’t even know what was going through my mind in that moment, but what I do know is, I didn’t spit on her — but I sorta, kinda wish I had. I’m just gonna be honest about that, because I just think some of the things Kenya says is really nasty and really dirty. And I just feel like, girl, you are just — you probably need to be spit on. You just probably need to be. And it may not sound great, but she probably needs to be spit on.”

“I have no sympathy for her. I just don’t. Of course she wanted to run with it, and that’s fine by me. I don’t care, girl. Run with it — I only wish I had spit on you, girl.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson