Tameka Foster Reveals She Opted To Do Things ‘The Natural Way’ After Suffering Cardiac Arrest During A Liposuction Procedure Back In 2009

Tameka Foster

Tameka Foster Reveals She Opted To Do Things ‘The Natural Way’ After Suffering Cardiac Arrest During A Liposuction Procedure Back In 2009

For Tameka Foster, the natural approach to her appearance is what’s best for her.

The former wife of Usher and ‘Bold & Bougie’ star is opening up about a liposuction procedure that never came to fruition.

In a recent interview, the 53-year-old fashion stylist spoke about a frightening experience in 2009, where she suffered cardiac arrest while being administered anesthesia for the surgery.

Tameka Foster

In 2009, the Brazilian plastic surgeon scheduled to perform Tameka Foster’s liposuction shared that she underwent cardiac arrest and was put in a medically induced coma during the procedure. Ellen Dasptry, a representative for Sao Paulo plastic surgeon Dr. Silvio Sterman, who was slated to perform the procedure, stated that at the time, Tameka Foster traveled to Brazil for liposuction on her abdomen. They said,

“Tameka Raymond came here on Friday to do a liposuction. Shortly after she went under [general] anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest.”

Dasptry added that following her cardiac arrest, Foster was promptly resuscitated and placed in an induced coma.

Tameka Foster

She further explained,

“When an attack like this happens, the doctors put the patient to sleep… and make sure that everything is okay and that there has not been any damage. This is the protocol every time and this is what was done.”

Following a day in the ICU, Foster was transferred to a larger medical facility, Sao Paulo’s prestigious Hospital Sírio-Libanês, renowned as one of Brazil’s top healthcare institutions.

After about one week in recovery, Foster was said to be in much better condition.

While reflecting on the day she was admitted for the procedure, Foster shared,

“I went in an attempt to have liposuction and I went into a cardiac arrest with the anesthesiologist. The doctor never even entered the room.”

Foster has since confessed that the medical crisis fundamentally altered her perspective on beauty. She acknowledged that before this incident, she had allowed criticism and negative remarks to affect her, especially during her marriage to the eight-time Grammy winner.

She stated,

“I still care about looks and vanity, but I plan to do it the natural way. That’s all. Totally. It made me be a little less lazy about getting to my goals, and I just changed my diet and now I do intermittent fasting and things like that.”

Foster continued,

“So I lost probably 20 lbs. before we started filming the show ‘Bold & Bougie’. In the past year, I’ve been really diligent about keeping my weight to a certain number. I mean, I go up and down, but yeah, I do care less about it. I’m not as anal about it.”

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Authored by: Candice O