[EXCLUSIVE] Tyler Perry & Oprah Accused of Theft, Hit With Federal Lawsuit

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Another day, another lawsuit. theJasmineBRAND.com has exclusively learned that moguls Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey are being accused of stealing the idea behind their hit OWN show “The Have and Have Nots“. And now they have been slapped with a federal lawsuit by the woman who claims she came up with the idea.
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A company named Parables Entertainment filed a federal lawsuit against Tyler Perry accusing him of stealing the idea behind his OWN Network show “The Have and Have Nots.”

Vanessa Lynn – exec at Parables Entertainment – claims she wrote a screenplay titled “Affairs” and had it copyrighted. The script is about a small town family which features a father running for mayor, a health challenged mother and a daughter named Peaches.The drama in the script starts when Peaches friend has an affair with the father.

Lynn explains that her script was made into a play in 2008 and eventually sold on DVD in 2011.

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Parables Entertainment says Perry stole the idea and made it into the show on Oprah’s channel. The lawsuit filed is against Oprah’s production company and Tyler Perry. They are suing for an injunction stopping them from continuing to infringe on their copyright and also a cut of the profits made from the TV show. Lynn also wants Oprah and Tyler Perry to immediately starting putting a credit at the beginning of “The Have and Have Nots” stating ‘“Based on the play ‘Affairs’ by Vanessa Lynn.”

Neither Tyler Perry or Oprah have responded to the lawsuit. Click here to read the Tyler Perry-Oprah Winfrey Lawsuit court documents.