Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Josie Harris Reportedly Claimed He ‘Almost Killed’ Her In Tell-All Book She Was Writing Before She Died

Josie Harris, Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Josie Harris Reportedly Claimed He ‘Almost Killed’ Her In Tell-All Book She Was Writing Before She Died

As the family and loved ones of Josie Harris look for answers concerning her shocking death, new reports claim the ex-girlfriend of boxer Floyd Mayweather was working on a critical project.

Josie Harris, who also has three children with Floyd Mayweather, was reportedly writing a tell-all that detailed the alleged abuse she suffered from the boxer.

According to The Sun, Josie Harris’s friend shared the book that had not been published yet, out of concern. The friend said, whose identity hasn’t been released,

“Josie deserves to have her voice heard, now more than ever”.

In the alleged project, Josie Harris explains that they first met when she was 16-years-old, and he later allegedly became dangerously physical with her during their long-term relationship.

She detailed one alleged incident in front of their children where she wrote that the boxer allegedly “almost killed” her in 2010.

She said he allegedly woke her up out of her sleep, pulled her hair, dragged her, and punched her as he yelled,

“I’ll f***ing kill you.”

She reportedly wrote in an excerpt,

“My eyes flew open to the sound of my own screams. Pain was searing through my skull when I looked up and saw Floyd. He was holding the back of my hair, standing over me with one hand, punching the back of my head with the other… dragging me off the sofa and pulling me across the room.

“Furniture in the living room was falling as he pulled me like a rag doll.”

She wrote that he confronted her because he thought she was seeing another man, who’s named CJ in the book.

She added that their kids pleaded for him to stop before she said,

“’Floyd, listen to your kids. You’re doing this in front of your kids…'”

She continued in the book,

“I shuddered at the agonizing pain I felt in my head and screamed again until he let me go…Before I could say anything Floyd again tightened his grip on my hair and beat the back of my head…He was determined to teach me a lesson. I could see it in his eyes. But, I knew I couldn’t lay down, so I fought back.”

“I knew the power that Floyd Mayweather had in those hands and I was afraid now.”

He allegedly yelled

“Motha fuckin’ b***h, I want you outta’ my house…! Givin’ my money to C.J..”

She added,

“When I sat up he grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back…..’Floyd, please, stop hitting me! Please, I’m begging you…’ His mood had become even darker now, and I was really afraid for my life. I knew I had to get help.”

But Mayweather allegedly told her,

“’I’ll stop hitting you when you go down, b***h!’”

She continued,

“‘Somebody, please call 911,’ I screamed. I opened my eyes as he grabbed my hair again. I felt like he was pulling my scalp off of my skull. I put both hands up to my hair, trying to ease the pain.”

She added that Mayweather and a friend stopped their kids from being able to call police. She urged one of them to get help “before she was killed,” and Mayweather allegedly yelled,

“Ya’ll bet’ not go no where.”

Their son Koraun, who was 11-years-old at the time reportedly managed to escape and hopped the fence to get security. She said Mayweather then allegedly left in his car, and by the time an ambulance arrived she was

“unable to respond much when the paramedics asked questions as I lay on the gurney.”

She said she felt “so alone and frightened” after her children watched the alleged “agonizing and humiliating” incident. She also wrote that she was embarrassed to tell police what happened.

“I didn’t want to say the things I had to say about Floyd Mayweather. He had hit me before and I had been violent toward him in our relationship. But, I knew this had to be the last beat down.”

Mayweather ended up going to jail, and Josie Harris later sued him for $20 million for allegedly lying about assaulting her. That lawsuit was pending when she passed.

Continued prayers for Josie Harris’s family, friends and loved ones!






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