Nipsey Hussle – Gang Member Says Rapper ‘Thought He Was Untouchable’ & Should Have Had Security 

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle – Gang Member Says Rapper ‘Thought He Was Untouchable’ & Should Have Had Security

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Nipsey Hussle’s shocking passing, a documentary aims to answer more questions about what happened.

The Grammy-nominated rapper, who also had ties to the Rollin 60s Crips gang, was fatally gunned down in front of his Marathon Clothing store in Crenshaw on March 31. A man named Eric Holder, who is also allegedly a gang member, has been charged with the murder but pleaded not guilty.

Eric Holder

Meanwhile, in Ben Zand’s BBC Three documentary, is trying to put the pieces together. Zand talked to gang members in the area for the project. A man who manages a book and herbs store in the neighborhood, Sedrick, questioned why security wasn’t with Nipsey Hussle during the fateful moment. He said, according to The Daily Mail,

“Nipsey was stupid, he was stupid. He didn’t have, his gang didn’t protect him and they wasn’t going to protect him when he got that money.”

He continued,

“It’s too risky, there’s too many dudes that aren’t gonna like you… Nipsey for one, he should have never been at that store without security. He thought he was untouchable.”

He went on to speak on claims that Eric Holder shot Nipsey Hussle for questioning him about being a snitch.

 “That’s the worst thing you can say. You gotta go kill that n***** man, I’ll call you if you call me a snitch and I ain’t a snitch.’

Nipsey Hussle

Another gang member co-signed and said,

“It’s the equivalent of being called a child molester, that’s the level that’s on.”

A man who also served with LAPD in Nipsey Hussle’s community, Brian Bentley, also added,

“You don’t disrespect somebody, he talked down to him, he was making accusations about him. The guy was upset and he came back and he shot him, which was not uncommon, you don’t disrespect people… that’s the law of how gang members work.”

One of Eric Holder’s neighbors was anonymously featured in the documentary and said the alleged shooter “had an agenda.”

He went as far as accusing Holder of allegedly assaulting him with what he believes is the same gun that allegedly killed Hussle. He explained Holder’s alleged behavior on the day of Hussle’s death and said,

 ‘I was on the phone and Eric came by and knocked on my door. I said, ‘Hey what’s up?’ and he said, ‘Can I talk to you for a minute?’ and as I’m walking to him I can see he’s getting himself psyched. 

He falsely accused me, he said that I put drugs in marijuana I sold to him, and he said it loud, like unusually loud, and I said, ‘What are you talking about, I would never do something like that.’ I was like, why is he doing this, is he trying to set me up? “

Nipsey Hussle

He continued,

“Who knows if he had Nipsey pre-meditated… That’s when he came up behind me and he hit me on the head with, what I believe, his gun. And he hit me hard, I mean, he was coming for the kill, and I was petrified.

When I heard what he did to Nipsey, I realised it was the gun he used to hit me in the head for sure.”

At the same time, the Black Riders Liberation, which goes by Black Panthers, said they’re convinced the government was behind Hussle’s death. A leader said that the government wasn’t happy about Hussle empowering his community and urging them to stand up against any injustice. The leader said,

 “It’s like Malcolm X said, they’ll hire one of us to kill one of us, just to say it’s one of us.”

Nipsey Hussle

Activist Brandon Sankara also said,

 “There’s definitely historical precedent of police and government agencies orchestrating the murders of countless figures throughout black history, whether you’re talking about Fred Hampton and the organisation of the Chicago police department in Illinois to murder him.”

Civil Rights Attorney Jamon Hicks added,

“There will be a lot of people that did not want to see him survive, they did not want to see him continue on the trajectory he was on because it was one of power, it was one of strength and it was one of uniting a community.”

When he passed, LAPD was also looking into Nipsey Hussle to see if his businesses were connected to any gang activity.

Authored by: Char Patterson