Rodney Jerkins Takes Shot At Fellow Producer At Bryan Michael Cox, He Responds: I’m Not Playing Up To Negative Energy

Bryan Cox, Rodney Jerkins

Rodney Jerkins Takes Shot At Fellow Producer At Bryan Cox, He Responds: I’m Not Playing Up To Negative Energy

The social media battles between some of the best producers is getting serious!

Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins had more than a few words for his fellow producer Bryan Cox. While on Instagram live with Joe Budden he spoke on fans’ requests for him to battle Bryan Cox on the social media platform; following the likes of T. Pain, Lil Jon, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland who have already done so.

Rodney Jerkins asked Joe Budden why he wanted to see the mashup, and Joe Budden said he thought it would be “entertaining.”

Rodney Jerkins responded,

“Is there certain records that you know that would make it entertaining? If you had to go like one for one, is there records that you know?”

Joe Budden said he did, and added,

“I don’t know for how long this will be entertaining, but I am ready to see it, and I think that a lot of fans are ready to see it. B.Cox was such a gentleman in the way that he spoke to me about you and y’all potential battle that you gonna get me in trouble just by you being spicy. Cause you ready for the smoke over there… You got beats playing.”

Jerkins replied,

“I’m just like… I just want people to really understand. Again, it’s no disrespect, I’m with it. But my span is crazy bro. My span is crazy.”

He added that he knows he’s not the underdog out of the two.

“If people think it’s gonna be upset, then they’re gonna be upset.”

Bryan Cox responded shortly after on Instagram live with reporter Van Lathan.

He said he had a run-in with Jerkins, and suggested that Jerkins is the one that has a problem with him.

“Now he’s able to say what he really wants to say. I know what it is. God bless him. We’re gonna come with what we gotta come with… I’ve always come from an underestimated perspective my whole career, period. I’ve never come of the perspective of the wonder kid that was with Teddy [Riley] and that was with this one. I didn’t come from that perspective, I came from the youngest in my crew at Noontime and coming up with no balance and looking at everybody around me from a mentor perspective.”

He added,

“He got spicy! I didn’t know!”

He also tweeted that he’s not here for the negativity.

Who do you think would win a battle? Tell us in the comments!

Authored by: Char Patterson