Lil Baby’s Baby Mama Jayda Cheaves Says Babies Ruin Relationships: Don’t Have A Baby, Have Fun!

Lil Baby’s Baby Mama Jayda Cheaves Says Babies Ruin Relationships: Don’t Have A Baby, Have Fun!

Influencer Jayda Cheaves (also known as Amour Jayda) has one piece of advice for young women that are dating: don’t have children! Jayda dated rapper Lil Baby for nearly three years before their split last year, which was rumored to have ended due to infidelity. Jayda commented on the seriousness of their relationship in 2018.

But, despite her love for her one-year-old son fathered by Lil Baby – Loyal – the young entrepreneur says she tells women her age not to have children in an Instagram Live Q&A session:

“If you are in a relationship right now and you don’t have kids, don’t [have] them. Like, I stress to my best friend a hundred times a day – like, ‘Don’t have no baby. Stay just f*ckin’ with a n*gga. Don’t let that n*gga get you pregnant.’ Don’t have a baby. I’m telling you. Have fun!”

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In fact, Jayda says having children can make a relationship take a turn for the worst, hinting that men feel apt to cheating on their children’s mothers:

“I love my baby. Don’t get me wrong, but they ruin relationships to me…there’s some people who be like, ‘The baby brought them closer.’ I just feel like a n*gga feel like he can play you when you got his child…there’s a lot of young girls that look up to me, and I’m always gon’ keep it a stack with y’all.”

Jayda Cheaves even joked that one child is enough for her:

“Be real with yourself- do it look like I want more kids? I said I’m not having another child until I get married…everybody think it’s all cute and stuff.”

Twitter had plenty to say about her comments, causing her to start trending on Twitter.

She later explained her thoughts.



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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay