Tyrese Says He’s ‘In A Bad Place’ Amid Being Sued By His Ex-Wife Norma Mitchell Gibson For Defamation

Norma Mitchell, Tyrese

Tyrese Says He’s ‘In A Bad Place’ Amid Being Sued By His Ex-Wife Norma Mitchell Gibson For Defamation

The ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson recently took legal action against him.

Reports state that Normal Mitchell is suing her famous former spouse for defamation after he made several accusations against her amid their ongoing legal battles.


In her suit, Normal Mitchell reportedly denied all the accusations of blackmail and extortion, among other things, that Tyrese Gibson made against her while ranting about their legal woes online last week. She additionally accused the “Lately” singer of defaming her by disclosing private facts about their legal situation and by (allegedly) encouraging his more than 20 million Instagram followers to attack her online.

Norma Mitchell, Tyrese Gibson

In case you’re unfamiliar, Tyrese Gibson, who was married to Norma Mitchell from 2007 – 2009, recently sued her over an alleged $25,000 debt he claims she owes him. According to the Fast & Furious star, his ex hasn’t been paying her portion of their daughter Shayla’s tuition expense, which he said he’s been covering, and shared several documents from their case to prove his point. He also accused Norma of a number of crimes including blackmail, extortion, death threats, tax evasion, forgery, and more.

Norma claimed that documents Tyrese knowingly and illegally shared violated her and their daughter’s privacy. Her lawyers wrote in her complaint:

“Gibson doxxed Mitchell and their daughter — a minor — by posting an unredacted copy of the Motion on Instagram…The 176-page Motion contains Mitchell’s private and confidential information including their daughter’s full name, the name of her high school, birthdate, address.”

Tyrese Gibson & daughter Shayla

Norma is reportedly suing for defamation, false light, and public disclosure of private facts. While it’s unclear whether or not Tyrese has responded to the recent suit Norma filed, he did reference their ongoing court battle on Instagram around the same time the complaint was filed. Sharing a video of himself yesterday (Tuesday, May 7th), he wrote:

“I’m in a very bad place….. I’m officially there drained, out of it and no one to turn to….. sh*t seemed to be paused on [ all ] fronts and I’m feeling it take this post serious….. ok back to hiding,”

Also mentioning his ongoing divorce from his second ex-wife Samantha Gibson, Tyrese continued:

Still living in fear of my ex [ Norma ] and what new vile shit she’s going to once again say or accuse me of in response to my 167 pages filed in the courts [ link in bio ] / This divorce has still not be finalized [ with a whole pre-nup] to Samantha my ex wife and has dragged on for 4 years [ over a million dollars ] it’s now being appealed and the process is taking forever,”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson