Damon Dash: WEtv Is Completely Racist + Tells Kids Boogie & Ava ‘Stop Working w/ Them, I’m Your Dad!’

Damon Dash, Boogie, Ava Dash

Damon Dash: WEtv Is Completely Racist + Tells Kids Boogie & Ava ‘Stop Working w/ Them, I’m Your Dad!’

Damon Dash has a few words for WEtv amid his lawsuit against the network.

It was previously reported that Damon Dash has filed a lawsuit, alleging the network made his son, Boogie keep filming his issue with drinking in order to get higher ratings for “Growing Up Hip Hop”.

Now, Damon Dash has snapped on WEtv for dividing his family. He said in a video,

“I have this lawsuit with WEtv and E1, and the reason why is because I felt that they deliberately separated my family, caused problems, and things that triggered situations with my children, just to capture it to make our family look dysfunctional. We have a lawsuit, and they know the damage they’ve caused to the relationship with my son Boogie, and with my daughter Ava to this day… they completely have no regard for my family and continue to tape with my children, knowing that it’s disrupting my family and knowing that it’s making it worse. They keep dangling money in front of them, I wish I could control that but I can’t. But as human beings, they should have a little more consideration and respect.”

Damon Dash, son Boogie

He said he spoke with the EVP of Production and Development at WEtv, Lauren Pollack Gellert, who he tagged in the post. He alleged she told him that they planned on taping as long as Boogie and Ava allowed them to “we don’t care what it does to the family.”

He added that he was “bothered” when he was in the E1 office and saw posters of black families, but the actual staff and execs in offices were white.

“Why do we have to go through another culture to tell our story?”

He added that he had a negative experience when working with the network on a show.

“The way they treated me was so disrespectful, I couldn’t believe it. And I’m like ‘Why is that if I wanna tell my story, and I wanna put it on your platform, I gotta go through E1, who’s run by Tara Long, a woman that’s not from my culture? Or Marc [Herwick]. Why do y’all keep doing that?”

He continued,

“WE channel completely racist, and that’s how I feel based on my personal scenario. The way they’ve treated my family, and the way they’ve treated my business…. pay attention to the way that they’re trying to showcase black families, look at the executives, their names are Tara, they got blonde hair, and Marc. But they never wanna get in front of a camera… I only worked with them to pass the ally-oop to my children. But not for them to divide my family, and try to portray us as a dysfunctional family.”

He then told his children,

“Boogie! Stop working with them, I’m your dad! Ava, please respect the family! I know you’re not listening to me. But please, somebody tell them it’s family first! Don’t let these people divide us like they always do… I’ve been a good dad the whole time…”

He told WEtv execs,

“We’re going to have a legal, public situation. I’m gonna show the world how you disrespect our culture and laugh at us behind our back.”

He also shared photos of the execs with the caption,

“They try to make us fight each other, laugh at us behind our back, and get paid for it…it’s up to us to stop it, no more fighting each other, fight the ones that try to make us fight #allweneeedisus
This is the staff that is exploiting our culture”

See that post here.

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