G Herbo Denies Cheating On Ari Fletcher w/ Current GF Taina + Ari Possibly Reacts: Keep My Name Out Ya Mouth!

Ari, G Herbo, Taina Williams

G Herbo Denies Cheating On Ari Fletcher w/ Current GF Taina + Ari Possibly Reacts: Keep My Name Out Ya Mouth!

G Herbo got extremely candid about the drama with the mother of his child, Ari Fletcher and his new girlfriend Taina Williams. In a sit-down with Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” podcast, the Chicago native, whose real name is Herbert Randall Wright III, addressed speculation that he cheated on Ari Fletcher with Taina Williams.

“Nah that wasn’t true. To be completely honest, I been around Taina multiple times before I ever said a word to her. I coulda tried to pursue her even if I failed at it. I just carry her a certain way where I knew I liked her enough. You know you gotta explain yourself ‘Oh it’s complicated right now. I ain’t with my girl,’you know? I ain’t wanna even have to do that. So I didn’t even approach her until I was in a position to not have to do so.”

He added that he’s convinced Ari doesn’t think he cheated either.

And even with my situation, early on with my son’s mom, I don’t think it was ever a situation where, it was just a lot of people on the outside chiming in. I don’t even really think she really felt like I cheated on her with Taina. I don’t really think she believed that for real.”

Taina Williams, G Herbo

He addressed co-parenting with Ari while dating Taina:

“I think God just knew that I really was so serious about having that type of relationship where I can co-parent because I gotta make sure I’m on a straight level with my son’s mom. I don’t never want to be at odds with her or ever let my son see me at odds with her and still be able to balance my relationship, be a father and I swear they met on their own. I didn’t have nothing to do with it.”

He went on to explain how Taina and Ari met randomly in L.A.

“I got the call. Guess who I just met was her exact words and that was a highlight for me. It made me smile. I was so happy just because I know how important that is. I know, at the end of the day, when everybody on the outside looking in, and you may think ya’ll have those differences, but at the end of the day, ya’ll know a lot of ya’ll women relate.”

Ari Fletcher, Taina Williams

It’s no secret Ari has had issues with her and G Herbo’s son being around Taina, the rapper said he can “respect that.”

“100% you have to respect that. But it was always, I approached the situation where I wanted everybody to be on the same page. I never was tryna be malicious about nothing or forcing nothing. I was always just always tryna have a straight narrow line, because regardless of the fact, I wanna be a father. That’s all I wanna do, is be a father.”

Meanwhile, G Herbo is currently on probation after pleading guilty in Battery case against Ari, 24 but it seems like their relationship, for the sake of their son, is on the mend.

And it looks like Ari isn’t happy about being mentioned in the article. She tweeted shortly after it was posted,

“I just wish people would stop f*****g speaking on me. Don’t say s*** about me or no situations that “involve” me. Keep my name out ya f***ing mouth!”

Watch the full interview below:

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