Chico DeBarge’s Son Dontae Reportedly Killed In L.A. [CONDOLENCES]

Chico Debarge, Dontae Anderson-DeBarge

Chico DeBarge’s Son Dontae Reportedly Killed In L.A. [CONDOLENCES]

Reports are circulating that the son of R&B singer Chico DeBarge, 53, has been murdered.

According to EURWeb, Dontae Anderson-DeBarge was reportedly fatally stabbed in the Van Nuys neighborhood of Los Angeles.

LAPD said the 35-year-old victim, believed to be Dontae, died at the scene of the tragedy after officials unsuccessfully performed CPR. The department said in a statement,

“Per Sgt. Fisher, Van Nuys Area Watch Commander, a homicide occurred at the above location. The victim (M/B/35 yrs) was found with multiple stab wounds.  He was pronounced deceased at the scene by LAFD.  There is no suspect information.  The victim is homeless.  It is unknown if it is gang-related.”

There are currently no suspects.

The news comes months after Chico DeBarge was allegedly arrested for possession of meth in November.

According to reports, police confronted Chico DeBarge as he allegedly used a wire to get in a car while in a Burbank, Calif. WalMart. He was searched and meth was allegedly found on him, leading to his arrest. While he was released shortly after the incident, he took to Instagram in February and denied being taken into custody.

He wrote,

“*****The arrest was false and the case was dismissed. TMZ must recant the accusation. #clearedofallcharges”

The story is developing.

Prayers for everyone impacted!

Authored by: Char Patterson