Tyler Perry’s Crew Member Dies From Coronavirus, Director Pleads To Black People: I Love Us Too Much To Watch Us Die

Tyler Perry with crew member Mr. Charles Gregory

Tyler Perry’s Crew Member Dies From Coronavirus, Director Pleads To Black People: I Love Us Too Much To Watch Us Die

Media Mogul, Tyler Perry is the latest celebrity to speak succinctly to black folks about the seriousness of COVID-19 and the importance of adhering to the quarantine after losing a long time Crew Member, Mr. Charles Gregory, to the virus.

“Dear Black People, while everyone can contract this virus it is black people who are dying from it in much larger numbers. This thing is real, black people.”

Perry, 50, is referring the shocking statistics that show African Americans making up as little as 1/3 of the population, while the death toll accounts for double and close to triple, in some states.

Tyler debunks the notion of Black People being exempt from falling victim to the nation-sweeping Coronavirus.

“I heard a black person say, “Black people don’t get it.” That is a lie! You can get it, and you will get it if we don’t do what we’re being told to do. A 26 year old black woman died the other day, a 44 year old black man died the other day, not to mention the hundreds of people that are dying every few minutes. Your age does not matter!! Your health does not matter. You could be totally healthy, and you could die!”

The Madea stage and film franchise creator attempts to penetrate the hearts and minds of his loyal and loving fan base, addressing them directly.

“Now listen to me. You have been right by my side since I started in this business, so please hear me with your heart. I LOVE US. I love our humor. I love our culture. I love our hair. I love our skin. I love everything about who we are. All of us. And I love us all too much to watch us die on the vine because we are the last to know and we are not taking this pandemic seriously.”

For those who need more coaxing, Perry concludes his open letter by backing into his message from a different angle:

“STAY HOME!! Socially distance yourself and stay alive! If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for someone you love, and for those who love you.”

Check out the entire open letter by clicking the link below!

theJasmineBRAND sends our condolences to Mr. Gregory’s family and friends.

Written By @CaLeigh_Creations

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta