Cardi B & Rah Ali Exchange Insults, Take Shots At Each Other’s Marriages

Cardi B, Rah Ali

Cardi B & Rah Ali Exchange Harsh Words In Twitter Beef, Take Shots At Each Other’s Marriages

Former “Love and Hip-Hop: New York” stars Cardi B and Rah Ali are at each other’s throats on social media. The two have a long-standing beef in relation to Cardi B’s infamous 2018 New York Fashion Week scuffle with Rah Ali’s now former friend, rapper Nicki Minaj. This later spilled into a separate beef between Rah Ali and Cardi B’s BFF, Star Brim. Read about that here.

Star Brim, Rah Ali

The tension seems to still be an issue. Fans were flamed earlier this week when Cardi B addressed what she calls a fake tweet circulating social media. She slammed the tweet:

“How you posting fake tweets of me ? I been clarify this months ago ! When these weirdos make this fake sh*t up .I never wrote this on my twitter and I put that ON MY CHILD! I understand b*tches don’t like me but to put a whole fake tweet about me trying to start Sh*t …When I can simply call a person if I have a problem is f*ckin weird to me …You b*tches is weird .KEEP ME OUT YA F*CKIN DRAMA.Fake a** lying a** blog”

Rah Ali felt that Cardi B eluded that it was her that fed the fake tweet to blogs, and took a shot at the status of Cardi’s marriage to Migos rapper, Offset.

Cardi B, Offset

“Get off twitter sneak dissing, your husband in the other room on that video game, texting hoes again.

Cardi confirmed that assumption with her own shade towards Rah’s marriage:

“NOBODY IS SNEAK DISSING IM TALKING ABOUT YOU !Lets not talk about husbands cause I will put your whole situation on blast .I dm you if you wanna deal sh*t like women!Idc what you post about me .DONT POST LIES!Thats not how you brand .”

The two continued to challenge each other.

Cardi B deleted her replies before Rah Ali dismissed the exchange.

Yikes! Will the war of words between Cardi B and Rah Ali ever end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay