Tory Lanez Debuts New Braided Hairstyle, Tyga Doesn’t Approve

Tory Lanez, Tyga

Tory Lanez Debuts New Braided Hairstyle, Tyga Doesn’t Approve (Photo)

Tory Lanez created Quarantine Radio on Instagram Live and is never looking back. The rapper recently confirmed that he gained 2.2 million new followers within the last month, and his YouTube subscribers have nearly doubled with a 90% increase.  He is also teaming up with YouTube to launch a fresh way for fans to interact with their favorite artists and celebs.  With all of these new opportunities coming his way, Tory finally got the hairstyle of his dreams thanks to Tyga giving him the plug on the hair doctor. He showed off the look on social media.

But Tyga didn’t approve of the new style commenting:

“I didn’t give out the plug for this?”

Tory, has been growing his hair out for a while now, with the plan to eventually get braids. He was trending on Twitter recently after he debuted his braided look, which is something that was a dream of his last year:

“Well first of all I don’t have no weave on, or one of those things like, my hair looks, like right, I’m growing my hair out that’s number one. My hair, you know when I don’t lay it down, it looks crazy my ni**a like, it looks, all over the place. But at the end of the day, the more I been growing it, I’m coming back with the braids on ni**as, I’m coming back crazy, ya’ll think it’s a joke, watch me like. Imma come back like toga on ya’ll”

He detailed the process of making his dream hairline a reality:

“But its not a secret, all I did was like, I went to the hair doctor there a guys whose specifically, the same dude that did Tyga’s hair.  But the thing about it is, I didn’t need to much the only issue is, we really looked back at my old pictures, the issue is, my corners was gone! They was back here kid.  So it was one of those things, where it’s like, I fix my corners then I just let the rest of my hair grow in. Some parts grow a little faster than others, so it be a little unequal when I don’t lay it down.”

He gave credit to fellow rapper Tyga for giving him the plug on the doctor, and says Tyga has unlimited features forever:

“The thing about it is, is like yo I had met Tyga, like yo, “I will give you unlimited features for the rest of your life.”  He has an unlimited feature pass with me for giving up the secret. This is when he wasn’t giving it, he put it out now. But before, I was like ‘Yo I need to find this person,’ I gotta come back, I’m too young to be looking like this dog. I can’t do it.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo