Lira Galore Denies Relationship W/ Boxer Devin Haney After Trip To Mexico Together

Lira Galore Denies Relationship W/ Boxer Devin Haney After Trip To Mexico Together

Lira Galore, also known as Lira Mercer, 26, wants her life to stop being a topic of discussion.  The Instagram model is currently in the media amid reports she’s dating boxing star Devin Haney. Now, she’s denying that the two are a romantic couple.

Rumors began to swirl after both Lira Galore and Devin Haney posted a series of photos from Cabo, Mexico with a similar view, between July 31st and August 4th.

Once Lira Galore found out she was being romantically linked to the pro athlete, she cleared things up in a post that has since been deleted.

She began by saying that she was in fact recently on vacation, but described it as a “friend group trip.”

“…Yes I recently took a trip w some friends.  Very much a friend group trip.”

She added that she and Devin Haney are just friends and noted that she’s still single.

“He and I are just friends, We’re not romantically involved, and we are not in a relationship.  I’m SINGLE & a 24/7 mom but I can have a lil fun! Everything is not tea and every time I’m around someone that doesn’t mean I’m f***in them, that’s my man or that we dating.  It’s NO tea.  LIKE I SAID B4.”

Closing out her statement, she said she wishes the internet would wait until people confirm things before making it a story.

“I really wish mfs wold let ppl confirm things b4 ppl post and make assumptions.  We was just lit having a good a** time and takin pics it’s not that deep. GET A LIFE.”

The two are currently following each other on Instagram.

Devin Haney previously dated Blac Chyna in July 2018. Lira Galore was previously engaged to Rick Ross, and dated Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas, who she shares a daughter with.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo