Kevin Hart Blasts Media’s Coverage Of Riots & Looting: You’re Changing The Narrative

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Had To Get This Off His Chest “ Push The Correct Narrative.”

Hearts broke around the world on May 25th when yet another life was lost due to police brutality. That man’s name was George Floyd. This act ignited protests and riots around the world, both in person and across social media.

Among this strong display of rage, hurt, and cries for help and support, influential voices like Kevin Hart have taken to social media and spoken out about what is happening.

Kevin Hart, 40-year-old standup comedian, actor, and producer released a message in a three-minute video on his IGTV to his 91.9 million followers last night (May 31st). He outlined his dismay at the situation at hand and how media outlets are covering the current events.

Kevin Hart had this to say:

“Message to all journalists, reporters, etc. man. You guys control the narrative and so I feel like you guys have a job to do as far as pushing the narrative and I’m watching that narrative slowly change into the riots, into the looting, we’re not talking about the reason. We’re not talking about the reason we’re seeing what we’re seeing.”

Within the first minute, Kevin highlights the injustice that took place and the strong role the media plays in controlling the story. He goes on to say:

“Within the narrative, when you know people are looking for justice, when you know people are looking for this to stop, when you know we’re looking for correction, your job should be pushing that as well. The media, you should be pushing that there’s a change as well. You know why people are angry. You know why so you should be on the side of the solution, not the problem.”

He brings up how the narrative of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling in protest to police brutality became a story of disrespecting the American flag and hating the country as opposed to it being a peaceful way to bring awareness to social injustice.

Kevin closes out the video with these words:

“If you’re going to control the narrative, be a part of the solution… force the hand of the people that are higher. We can’t just keep saying equality. We have to take action steps in going in that direction Control the narrative correctly. Make sure people know what the anger and frustration is about and make sure that you’re on the side of wanting to see justice … Don’t change the narrative to just rioting and looting. And when you do, make sure you show everyone that’s out there doing it because it’s not just us. Control the narrative.”

Kevin enforces his message in his caption:

Message to all media outlets

Be apart of the solution….not the problem. Push the correct narrative. There is a reason that all of this is happening….Don’t ignore or slide away from the reason!!!!!! Enough is Enough.”

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Written By: @a.girlwhowrites

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta